New York Knicks Ticket Options

Popularly known as the Knicks, the New York Knickerbockers are, apart from the Boston Celtics, the only charter members of the National Basketball Association still in their original cities.


The origin of the term “Knickerbockers” can be traced back to Dutch visitors who arrived in what we call New York today in the 17th century. More precisely, it refers to the style of pants they wore – rolled up just below the knee, which got the name “Knickerbockers,” or “knickers”. Over the ages, the “Knickerbocker” character merged into the identity of New York City and “Father Knickerbocker” came to be recognized as its cultural symbol. Most probably, it was the club’s founder, Ned Irish who made the decision to call the team the “Knickerbockers.” Later it was shortened to Knicks. Maintaining another tradition of the city, the team’s colors have always (the lone exception being the years from 1980-81 through 1982-83) been orange, blue and white.

In the 1950s, the Knicks played for the NBA title three times. But the team’s golden age came in the early 1970s, when the Knicks won two NBA championships boasting of talents like Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Dave DeBusschere, Earl Monroe, and Bill Bradley. In the 1990s, the Knicks again came out strongly, advancing to the finals in 1994 and 1999.

Ticket plans

New York Knicks offer you a wide and highly attractive variety of ticket plans to choose from.

Knicks Pick-Plans

Knicks Pick-Plans allow you to choose the action you will like to watch. Under a Knicks Pick-Plan you can watch three or more games that you choose and get these benefits like flexibility to create your own plan, large savings on facility fees and Ticketmaster fees, free NY Knicks Yearbook and much more!

Knicks Fan Pack

Once you choose a Knicks Fan Pack, you are in for an exciting night. You can enjoy the skills of the cagers, relishing the in-arena experience at The Garden and a free meal to boot. Just buy four tickets to select games and get a free value meal with each ticket. The meal comprises a jumbo hot dog, a 24 oz soda and a box of popcorn.

Season tickets

If you decide to become a full season subscriber, you get a full season’s worth of basketball highlights, year after year, and receive a number of exclusive subscriber benefits and amenities. Some of these benefits are monthly conference calls featuring Knicks players, alumni, or management; Knicks business alliance; discounts on Knicks partners and services; 50% off of Madison Square Garden tours; access to Play By Play Sports Bar and Restaurant; parking discounts; and exclusive team gifts.

Luxury suites

You can host an event of your choice in a Madison Square Garden Club suite! Taking advantage of the club’s premium services, you can enjoy the unique excitement of the New York Knicks. Suites are available for all Knicks games on a first-come, first-served basis and 16 guest passes are issued per suite with provision for purchasing additional passes for each game. You have exclusive access through private guest entrances and suite access is available one hour prior to and one-half hour post-game. And you get many more benefits.

Group sales

Attractive benefits are in store if you can assemble a group of 20 or more and bring them to watch New York Knicks in action at the Garden. Tickets start at $20 and you can get ticket savings, food vouchers, gifts or other benefits. And if you happen to be the group leader, you are entitled to special benefits. Some of the group package benefits are $25 Knicks Group Tickets and John Starks Jersey Nights, Knicks fan tunnel packages, Knicks Winter Wonderland games, 3-point thrill games, slam dunk savings games, and meal coupons. For the group leader, the benefits include fantasy game, primetime game, birthday bash, and dance days.

Individual game tickets

For buying individual game tickets, you have to visit The Garden Box Office, buy online or call the prescribed number.

VIP section

The New York Knicks VIP section includes 30 prime tickets to a Knicks regular season home game and much more. It is located 20 rows from the court and offers its occupants the exciting spectacle of New York Knicks basketball at one of the world’s most famous arenas in a unique way.

You start your evening in the Club Bar & Grill restaurant where you and your guests are treated to a pre-game buffet dinner (including all drinks). Knicks gift packs, complete with an assortment of Knicks premiums are waiting for you and your guests at your seats. Throughout the game you and your guests will be treated to in-arena food and beverage waiter/waitress service. In addition, you and your guests can follow along with the game play-by-play with personal MSG headsets, and may also view multiple TV monitors displaying a number of different camera angles, replays and game related statistics.

Student program

If you are a student you will get 40% discount on selected Knicks games. You simply need to show a valid student ID card at The Garden Box Office to avail of the discount.

Kids Korner

The Knicks Kids Korner program allows you to buy blocks of tickets to be donated to local children from the tri-state area. Your gesture is recognized in the form of in-arena Gardenvision scoreboard message, mention on New York Knicks website, invitation to donor of 100 tickets or more, along with a guest, to enjoy a Knicks game etc. Donated tickets are given to the Madison Square Garden Cheering for Children Foundation, the designated charitable foundation of the Knicks and Madison Square Garden.

Where to get tickets

Apart from the club itself, you will find many brokers from whom you can have your tickets either online or through phone calls. Compare the prices and seating arrangements offered before taking a final decision. For general information, contact: New York Knickerbockers, (212) 465-JUMP, Madison Square Garden, Two Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10121.

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