Nirvana’s Nevermind

Nirvana… this band has a place right next to The Beatles, The Who, The Beach Boys, and all other major influential rock bands. Nirvana changed rock, in such a way that it was never the same again.

Kurt Cobain the front man of this grunge band, revitalised what it mean to be an influential singer/song writer with an edge. He is the epitome of self expression.

Ten years have passed since his death and still he is one of the baddest rockers to ever enter the realm of revel rock. He is what you aspire to be if you want to be a rock artist. While his style is not like… let’s say Bob Dylan or John Lennon he held some things that they had: a raw lyrical sense that touches your heart and pleases your mind.

Kurt Cobain was a gem that did not have a full opportunity to let his full glimmer shine. While alive, he expressed himself with great sincerity. Releasing his thoughts and emotions for those in the public to evaluate. With out a try, Nirvana influenced rock today.

Golden God of Grunge

Kurt Cobain as the throttle of Nirvana, was the next big thing. Ten years later and still we morn the great loss that is the Cobain Death. Even though he was a freshman in rock, it was as if a major legend had grabbed his grave. Sadness encompassed the nation.

Nirvana at “Nevermind” was already great. What… would you say is after greatness? The things that legends are made of. That is what occured next. (In the release of their next album “In Utero”.) But before that, is “Nevermind”. A major milestone in rock.

Best of the Best in Bands

Nevermind is a great rock album. It is masterful. A grunge masterpiece galore. A revelry of rock. A sick plus distorted symphony. Nirvana is a breath of fresh air. They took catchy tunes and blended them with raw rock emotion, churning out something uniquely emotional. Nirvana is an original experience.

Imagine breathing deluted Los Angeles or Bakersfield air. Now, after doing so, you head out into the country or the ocean and suddenly find yourself breathing something pleasant. Between these two, is there a difference? That is the difference between Nirvana and other new rock.

Something in the Music

Nirvana’s Nevermind has more gems that a jewelry shop. “Smells like teen spirit” became a radio hit. On MTV it took the nation by storm. A song like no other on the radio. Giving a voice to a generation without a voice. A song that is filled with intensity and still manages to send an emotional vibe that sends chills to the heart.

What about chills to the mind? Here enters “Lithium” This song not only is well written, it is also greatly performed. The intensity that this song holds is vaster than the amount of water that the sea holds. It is the same intensity with with a mellow melody that reaches the heart. Just in a faster fashion.

Pleasant poetry you ask? Look no further than “Polly” a symbolic song about a symbolic relationship. Then as we go on we find that the list also goes on. “Drain You”, “On a Plain”, and especially “Something in the Way” have a deep felt feeling and strong felt grunge vocals that makes em thought provoking and thought inspiring. “Something in the Way” brings it down a notch and makes you feel raw rock in a relevant way.

The Point

So sad is the fact Cobain is dead. The fact that he has left behind his creative musical creations are a blessing. I am totally and I do mean totally happy that before his death Cobain left his feelings behind. We can all still enjoy the great Dave Grohl in his music today, by way of his awesome band Foo Fighters. Kurt however is gone. Forever stalled from making music.

When ever I want Kurt Cobain to return to life, all I have to do… is place Nevermind in my CD player and let the self expression rip. Kurt Cobain was a rock genius. May that not be forgotten. Also, may we forever listen to his humble beginings in Nevermind.

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