No Amount of Training Can Make Up for a Lack of Pain in Childhood!

Think about it: ever wached a two year old in the middle of the ‘terrible twos’? After two solid years of intensive training, love, didpline, potty training, language training, examples, leadership: don’t they still resemble monkeys just a little bit?

Your ‘heart’ comes from the love you have been shown (your hate, the lack there of); but you CHARACTER, your STRENGTH actually comes from pain: from the negative experiences that actually train us to be human beings.

‘What makes me an expert’, you may ask. Pain, lot’s and lot’s of pain (and love) in my childhood!

I always tell my salespeople: ‘I cannot make up for a lack of pain in your childhood: I do not really care what drives you; maybe I do even want to know; but I would much rather tone you down, than pump you up!’

My humble advice: use your anger, channel it into some worthwhile enterprize, and please stop bitching about how rough you have had it: your past is what defines you; you would not be you without those terrible memories.

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