No-Cook Recipes for Delicious Desserts

We all have occasions whether it be holidays, potlucks, or family get-togethers where we need to come up with a fast and delicious dessert that will “WOW” those who will be eating it. The following recipes are sure to be a crowd pleaser for any event.

No-Cook Desserts: Smores Pie

All you will need:
� 1 Gram cracker crust
� 1 box of instant chocolate pudding
� 1 bag of miniature marshmallows

Make the instant chocolate pudding according to directions. Put the pudding in the gram cracker crust and top it with miniature marshmallows to cover the entire surface evenly. Chill for recommended time of pudding.

No-Cook Desserts: Cheese cake

� 1 prepared gram cracker crust
� 3 -16oz containers of cream cheese (softened)
� 1 tub of cool whip

In a large mixing bowl mix the cream cheese and the whipped cream until a thick consistency. Fill pie crust and chill until hardened. Top with your favorite canned or fresh toppings. (I.e. blackberries, blueberries, cherries etc�)

No-Cook Desserts: Ice Cream Cake

This recipe calls for any two of your favorite ice cream flavors – – good combinations include; mint and chocolate, chocolate and strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, strawberry and vanilla, etcâÂ?¦ Buy two of your favorite ice creams and 1 prepared Oreo cookie crust.
� Pack the first flavor of ice cream into the crust and smooth out.
� With your favorite toppings ( like: miniature chocolate chips, your favorite candy bar crushed, toffee, etc) Sprinkle generously on top of first layer
� With the second flavor of ice cream pack it gently on top.
� Top with more candies if desired and freeze
� Before serving add a dollop of whip cream and a cherry.

No Cook Desserts: There is always room for Jello

Almost every potluck has them, depending on what is inside almost all children eat them, and nothing is quite as cool on a hot summer day�yes, I am speaking of Jello molds. There are many cute pans for Jello molds on the market today that have non stick surfaces to delight your guests with a creative shape. The recipes are extremely easy to follow and require no hard work.

After buying your favorite Jello and your favorite canned fruit or fresh fruit, follow the directions for the Jello and drain your fruit thoroughly: Stir it well inside your Jello mold pan and chill.

The most delicious Jello mold that I had ever tasted had no fruit in it. It was a simple concoction that everyone enjoyed.

*After making your favorite flavor of Jello mix a half of container of whipped cream stirring it with swirls, pour it into your Jello mold and chill.

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