No Problem I Can Handle it

Waking up on a fine morning, Arnold took the time to stretch just before leaping out of bed to start the day. After showering, and a hearty breakfast, Arnold went to praying; and I shall take you into the midst of it as thus,

“O Lord, thank you for waking me up again. I’ll be able to handle the rest of the day, so take an easy. In your name Jesus Amen.”

Such a prayer to you and I is foolish, down right blasphemous, but Arnold always started his day that way. Out the door the he went, taking the highway to his job, but along the way there was a dilemma which presented itself. A sudden blow on the right side of his car sent Arnold to the side lane.

“No problem,” said Arnold looking at the tire, “I can handle it.”

With the aid of his cell phone, he called for a tow truck; for he had no tools to change the tire himself. However, Arnold quickly found that his cell phone, a trusty device, was uncharged due to antagonist’s forgetfulness. He took a deep breath, a little frustrated, and said

“No problem, I can handle this.”

Without his car or his cell phone, Arnold made haste to hitchhike to his job, which unfortunately for him as against the law. Indeed he flagged down a car, but the cop who emerged from it was not amused.

“What are you doing,” replied the cop, “Breaking the law are we?”

“Well – I – uh- I,” stuttered Arnold.

“Likely story,” said the officer, “All right I’m taking you in.”

On the way to the station only one thought ran through Arnold’s mind, although his frustration was rising at every minute,

“No problem, I can handle this. I just explain the situation at the station.”

Explaining the situation did not help and Arnold found himself sitting in a jail cell. For the first time he had no answers to his circumstances; and as trouble do, it drove Arnold to pray with truth and honesty.

“God,” said Arnold, “I can’t handle this.”

God dealt with Arnold for that entire day. The next morning brought a different prayer from Arnold’s lips, and the words of repentance were heard. Two hours later, that same cop opened the cell door with a hint of embarrassment on his face.
“All right, you’re free to go,” the cop said solemnly, “I was hasty in bringing you in. I should have listened to you. Sorry.”

It didn’t take long for the matter to be cleared up. Arnold called his boss and his job was still secure. It was a great relief to know that God was handling the matter, which is the best way to deal with any problem. That night Arnold understood that without God, life can become a heavy burden. Now his phrase has change from “No problem, I can handle it.” to “No problem, You can handle it.”

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