NutriSystem, Convenience at a Cost

NutriSystem is a weight loss program that provides most of your food for you. You supplement the program with fruit, vegetables and dairy products. When you join NutriSystem you can choose different programs based on your needs. The men’s program is based on a 1500 calorie diet, where as the women’s is based at 1200. There is a special program for people with diabetes as well as a vegetarian based program.

You can buy the food from their website, find it on QVC or even find it selling on Ebay! I would recommend when first starting the program to go to their website to order your food. You will be given information, access to online classes and if you choose auto-shipment, you will also receive a discount that will continue to go down a bit the longer you are on the program. Auto-shipping is also the only way to get your reward bear for each 10 pounds you lose! Monthly cost can range from $250-$300 for food, not including additional groceries you will need to purchase.

NutriSystem is a system made for convenience. The products are shelf friendly so you can store them in a cabinet. Most of the products can be microwaved or cooked by adding boiling water and letting them sit for a short while. Food is edible and mostly tasty, but if there is an item you don’t care for and you have more of them, just send an Email to your counselor and they will usually let you exchange the product within a certain period of time.

NutriSystem is an effective program that helps you understand portion control. Your first thought when opening your tiny lunch may be noticing how small it is, but you adjust rather quickly and realize you didn’t need as much food as you were eating before this. While on NutriSystem, if I went out to eat at a restaurant, I only ate half as much as I did before being on the program.

NutriSystem wants you to eat numerous times a day in small portions. They stress the importance of including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products. Skimping on these products may alter your weight loss. A balanced diet is about good health.

I enjoyed NutriSystem while on the program and lost an average of 10 pound per month. It is an expensive program to stick with when you also have to feed other family members with regular groceries. Buying both can be costly. If you are only cooking for yourself, this program can be ideal. I would recommend NutriSystem to people looking for a way to help them control and lose their weight, though the convenience does come at a cost.

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