Obama Calls Opponents ‘Tea Baggers’ in Note to Texas Teacher

COMMENTARY | According to Hot Air, a man named Thomas J. Ritter, a teacher residing in Irving, Texas had the singular honor of being insulted by the president of the United States. Barack Obama used the word “tea baggers” to refer to political opponents.

Ritter was exercising his constitutional rights by writing the president to complain about Obamacare and made a reference to Obama’s ridicule of “tea baggers,” the targeting of political opponents, and the persecution of Sarah Palin. President Obama replied with a hand written note in which he denied doing those things, also using the term “tea baggers.”

To those who are unclear on the matter, a “tea bagger” is someone who engaged in a certain exotic sex act and is also used by liberals to refer to members of the tea party. It is the rough equivalent of calling an African American the “N word.”

Ritter might have chosen his words more wisely. But certainly the president of the United States needs to be careful of what he puts down on paper. It besmirches the dignity of his office when he goes full bore Bill Maher on an ordinary citizen.

One can only speculate on why Obama did this thing. One suspects that he is feeling kind of peevish as of late. With the collapse of Obamacare and all of those annoying peasants like Ritter complaining and disrespecting him, it may be only natural that he would pop off from time to time. But a little self restraint is in order here. Obama is still the most powerful man on the planet, with the ability to directly affect the lives of billions. He doesn’t need to act like an internet ranter in a flame war, and using an ancient medium such as a hand written letter to boot.

Ritter is going to profit handsomely for being slimed by the president. He has placed the letter up for auction with a reserve price of $24,000 on a website that sells letters and autographs written by famous people.

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