Obtaining a Prenuptial Agreement

For some people, prenuptial agreements are required before they can enter a marriage arrangement. The reason is usually because one person has children from a previous marriage, and want to financially protect their children. Or one of the spouses has assets that they want to protect in the case of a unsuccessful marriage. Prenuptial agreements are law abiding contracts that spell out how assets and other possessions will be divided if there is a divorce. If you and your soon to be spouse write your own premarital agreement, there are kits you can buy to help assist you in writing it, or you can hire your own attorney. It is suggested that each spouse have their own marriage attorney to look over the papers before anything is signed.

If in the prenuptial agreement has stipulations that is grossly unfair to either spouse, or is signed with the intention of getting a divorce or promoting a divorce by making it more beneficial financially for them to be separated , it will not be upheld by a court of law. Be sure to research the laws of your state as in regards to the requirements for premarital agreements. Some states may vary as if the laws and regulations as to what can and can not be included in the arrangement.

Prenuptial agreements can also contain how you will live as husband and wife. The household responsibilities of each spouse can also be noted in agreements, but can not be enforced by the court system. If you do choose to write your own agreements, have them signed in front of a notary public. Many people now a days are entering into prenuptial agreements so as not to loose assets they have worked long and hard to achieve. Prenuptial agreements does not define the love one has for one another, but rather just a way to protect material possessions.

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