Ode To Mother Nature: A Poem

I sit outside and watch the grass blades dance
to and fro in the balmy summer breezes.

The grass needs mowed and I make a note to
the chore list in my mind.

Then I casually lean back on one hand and drink
in the aureate sunshine that warms my face
like a cup of hot chocolate in a January storm.

Looking to the flower bed, I see
the brilliant spectrum
of pansies, tulips, and daisies shaking like
tiny dancers to the rhythm of the wind.

The weeds beside them respond
in wild applause
at the colorful show before them.

Weeding my flower garden is number thirty on my chore list.

Finally, it’s time to arise from my leisurely respite and go
back inside to do my household duties.

Suddenly, though, I stop and turn around, almost forgetting
my manners.

I have been a guest in Mother Nature’s mansion;
She has honored me with the finest beauties Life can offer.

And for that, I bow gratefully to her.

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