Office Supply Review: Chalk Board Versus Dry Erase Board

The dry erase board has displaced the black chalk board as one of the symbols of education worldwide. School children and business people are benefitting greatly from the large scale conversion from chalk boards to dry erase boards. Many people well beyond their school days can recall a time when students were punished by having to clean the black board and choked on the inevitable cloud of chalk dust. However, these clouds have been replaced by greater productivity, better air quality in the classroom, and easier use during lectures and meetings.

A dry erase board is a smooth, glossy surface that is used by schools and businesses to communicate during classes and meetings. Over the last two decades dry erase boards have become ubiquitous in new buildings, providing a cleaner and more efficient method for communications. Dry erase boards are available in office and school supply stores, ranging from small, personal sized note boards to large white boards to mount on walls. As well, dry erase boards can be purchased with a rolling frame, which is popular in school districts concerned with saving money on supplies. In addition to the plain white board, consumers can purchase ones with built-in dividers or lines for use in math and music lessons as well as for outlining business proposals. Among the choices for those purchasing a white board include the size of the board, how to mount the board in the required room, and what type of markers need to be purchased. One benefit of dry erase boards is the use of longer lasting, cleaner markers instead of chalk. These markers can provide a colorful flourish for even the most mundane topic.

The dry erase board can be used more dynamically than the old chalk board. For companies and schools that utilize projectors and other presentation tools, the dry erase board can serve as a backdrop. Unlike the plain chalk board, dry erase boards can be purchased with specialized divisions and designs for regular use in math and music lessons as well as business proposal meetings. The white board also provides clearer communication with the use of dry erase markers instead of chalk and an easier method of erasing mistakes, rather than trying to eliminate writing in chalk.

For those businesses and schools concerned with the longevity of supplies, dry erase boards have proven to be incredibly durable. Unlike chalk boards, which can be damaged quickly due to excessive chalk residue and scratches, the dry erase board has a glossy surface which is longer lasting. As well, the colorful array of dry erase markers last longer than chalk sticks and are easier to hold for many people, allowing for better printing. The future is bright for dry erase boards and more efficient communications.

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