Old Tire, Garage or Shed Organizer

Long, big nails or shelf brackets and screws

Time to get new tires on your car? What have you decided to do with the old ones? Most people leave the old tires at the tire center but some people use them to make round garden areas in their yards. But if you’ve already got a tire garden, or you don’t even want one, you might consider doing something entirely different with those old tires. When you use them as a wall organizer in a shed or garage you end up with lots of ways to store all sorts of things.

Okay, four tires might not make much of an organizer but you can always ask friends and family for their old tires. The more you accumulate, the more room you’ll have for organizing things in the shed or garage. The tires can be just about any size as long as they came off of a car, truck, or van. The tire organizer is one of those that you can start building now and can add to, later. Use the tires that you have and, as you get more, hang them up with the others.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to hang a tire on a wall in the interior or on the exterior of a building. A long, sturdy nail, or even a shelf bracket, works fine to secure a tire. Make straight rows of tires, or just randomly hang them on a wall, to create the organizer that you have in mind.

Sure, you can hang ordinary, black tires on the wall, and make the organizer, but it looks much nicer if you paint some or all of the tires. It’s not a complicated procedure to spray paint the tires. Plus, when you have a lot of tires, colors can help you decide which tire holds what supplies.

Tires on the wall can be used to organize many different things. Use one tire to store shop rags and another to hold extension cords. Put gardening implements in a certain tire and put particular tools in another. Other things that the tires can hold include rope, cord, manuals, potting soil, cans of paint, brushes and rollers, and so much more.

So, off to the tire center for the new wheels but don’t forget to bring the old ones home with you. They’re really going to come in handy in your garage or shed.

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