On Mexican Immigration

On the subject on illegal immigration, the United States government has done very little to stop the ever increasing wave of illegal immigration and is even going so far as to grant them an ‘honorary citizen’ status, meaning they can stay here illgally and not have to pay taxes on their income or can get arrested for certain crimes, which makes sense since they’re already criminals – or so they should be when they crossed the border illegally, maening they have commited a crime, but try to tell the politicians and the slave drivers – I mean large companies and so-called struggling small businesses that.

It’s funny thet the government sends people to prison for just possesing a gun without a permit and defending themselves but the illegals can walk around free as naked jaybirds and they came here without any documentation or gun permit for that matter. This also gives them free range to traffic their dope, their guns, and their criminals into this country, while the decent, hardworking American can do nothing but watch.

If the American people don’t rie up now and so something about this, America will become another India or even Somalia.

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