On-line Meds – Convenience at the Click of a Button

The Internet has brought great pleasure and simplicity to our lives. These days with the World Wide Web you don’t have to leave home for anything. A quick trip to the web and you can have whatever you need delivered to you, including medicine. However you have to be careful when seeking out on-line pharmacies. The FDA has recently been very concerned about the unlawful use of the Internet for online drug sales. It is hard to track some of the illegal ones and it is hard for a consumer to know who is legitimate and who is not. As of now the FDA still recommends using your local neighborhood pharmacy for privacy and affordable medicine however if you have to order online they have a listing of online domestic websites identified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy that can be trusted.

There are about 200 listed but here are a few:

Now these are just a few but some of the things these sites have in common are that they are easily traceable, they are registered with the FDA, they offer contact information and of course they are all tried and true over the past four or more years. Not only can you find medications for yourself and your family online, you can now find medication for your pets as well. The interesting thing is that you can also now order meds online for your pets as well and the FDA list has at least one reputable site for pet medications, 1800petmeds.com. The temptation to order cheap medications is high right now with the rising costs of medications especially for the elderly. As always use care and safe measures when purchasing anything over the Internet. Although we now have more ease and simplicity, we also have more opportunities for fraud and other types of crime. Keep in mind, however that you usually get what you pay for and it is a good idea to do some extensive research before trusting a website with such an important part of your life.

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