On the Pleasures of Sowing

Let me sow my seed, please do

Though it’s not what I wish to do –

It’s just that nature commanded so,

“Here’s the seed, now go sow”.

I tried to throw the seed to wind

And I tried to sow it in water, too,

But the seed just dried and sometimes

It flushed wordlessly down the loo!

I turned to nature and soflty said –

You gave me seed but it made me bad,

For I tried to sow as you said I should

But the soils of the world think I’m crude.

Nature mocked my gentle word

“Don’t drop your seed where there is turd.

Till the soil and sow it deep

Don’t leave it far, to further creep”.

I think I understood nature’s wish

And found myself a deepnecked dish

I took the plough and shoved it deep

But the plough lost blood, I began to weep.

Finally I saw a beautiful maid

The plough rose high and music played

I approached the maid with a song on my lip

She turned and ran as I began to strip.

Tell me, nature, why you gave the seed

Couched in pleasure, man’s greatest greed,

When soil feels soiled at the touch of seed –

What’s the sower’s fault if soil feels no need?

“Sowing seeds is a pleasurable act,

But to sow the seed you need some tact,

You don’t just strip when you see a maid,”

Nature, laughingly, in reply then said,

“You must see when the soil is ready

And approach it gently, your step steady

For the soil will not take just any seed

No matter what you say, how hard you plead.”

“The soil has preferences in sowers’ seeds

And looks for one that will fulfill its needs.

It needs a sower who’ll protect and share

And bestow upon it much loving care.”

“Have you understood what you need to do

When to do and how to do –

For, if you have you can sow your seed

That will grow like you and spread your breed.”

“It’s not man’s fault that his seed wants release

And it’s not woman’s fault that she’s hard to please.

That was how I planned it all –

Like it or not, you’ve got to play ball.”

“There’s more seed than soil can grow

This is what you need to know

Hold your seed like valuable treasure

And waste it not for a moment’s pleasure.”

“I gave you pleasure to direct my need

To mate good soil with healthy seed –

Without that gift most seed would waste

And soil would age in greater haste.”

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