One More Song

Shooting him a wily grin, Alyson spoke into the microphone with the softness of butterfly kissing a flower. “Well, everyone. It’s been a wonderful night.” The singer, who was in the twilight of her career, had begun her career in this very lounge, only to be discovered and become a sensation. “A wonderful, magical final night of my career.”

She took the microphone from its stand and, walking with the subtlety of a snow leopard, approached her fiance’s table. Alyson had picked out her lucky evening gown for this occasion; it was the same black sequined number she wore the night a talent scout discovered her and connected her to the agency in Los Angeles which launched her career, one which left her empty over the last two decades. That was then.

Now was all she had left. “And before I begin working on the newest magic in my life, I want give all of youâÂ?¦who ever supported meâÂ?¦oneâÂ?¦lastâÂ?¦song.”

Through the haze, her eyes met his. Benton had changed her lonely, empty life; he was patient, loving and kind. He redressed her grievances, nursed her wounds, and waited for her. He truly was the epitome of the verse from 1 Corinthians which Alyson had, for so many years, found so pass�©.

“Ben,” she cooed. “This song is dedicated to your loveâÂ?¦a love which has never, ever failed.”

As her return to the stage started, the band began playing, and soon the room was filled with the sound of Harry Connick, Jr’s “Whisper Your Name.” As the words slid off her lips like silk off her body, she was as sultry as ever, determined to leave her audience again wanting more.

In this case, however, the only audience that mattered was Ben, and so she sang on. “No one should ever be lonelyâÂ?¦We all find somebody to careâÂ?¦ask me if I dare, to answer whoâÂ?¦should carry that flameâÂ?¦”

Ben was transfixed on her as she carried note after note to musical nirvana. Alyson catwalked back to her lover’s table, until finally sitting upon the very surface which also held his drink. She then leaned in to him, and let loose with her career finale. “I just whisperâÂ?¦”

A gentle kiss on his forehead left Ben blushing and breathless, to which Alyson beamed. “your nameâÂ?¦”

A final performance for her career became the first performance of her new life.

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