Online Education Programs in Computer Graphics Design

Computer graphics design remains one of the hottest, fastest-growing professional fields and sees no sign of letting up in offering opportunities. In the consumer world, nearly everything you see is a product computer graphics design somewhere down the line, and some guy sitting at a desk listening to old Ted Nugent CDs was sitting in the glow of his terminal screen at three o’clock in the morning looking for inspiration. That box of film doesn’t look so exciting? Hey, that’s the result of works of painstaking work paying attention to minute detail.

Those in computer graphics rarely need worry about finding employment, even during times of heavy bushonomics; indeed, it appears to be one of the most dependable, stable fields in which to seek work. Another bonus of pursuing a career in computer graphics is the current multitude of online education programs in this field of study. Online education, of course, allows one to study at home, thereby not sacrificing his or her current “day job” while secretly pursuing another in the hopes of someday requesting his or her boss to perform some sort of biological obscenity.

The following is a list of a handful of online education programs in computer graphics design.

The Art Institute Online is one of the biggest names in the distance-learning industry, offering courses in all sorts of professional skills in computer graphics. Design is, naturally, a more popular selection offered by the upper-education program. Here, the degrees offered are Associate Degrees in Graphic Design, Associate Degrees in Interactive Media, Bachelor Degrees in Game Art and Design, Bachelor Degrees in Graphic Design, Bachelor Degrees in Interactive Media Design and Bachelor Degrees in Media Arts and Animation.

More than just a distance learning program, Penn Foster Career School have been in existence since 1890, graduating more than thirteen million students since then. Nearly ninety programs are offered here, including degrees in Graphic Design Artist, Computer Graphics Design, Dressmaking and Design, Multimedia and Design, and Web Page Designer. This higher-education institute now sports a second branch, The Penn Foster International Career School.

Westwood College Online is a smaller outfit than those described above, but is an effective efficient program designed to assist you in achieving a college-level degree in a shorter time than might be possible “in real life.” Westwood promises a seventeen-month turnaround for an Associate Degree (as opposed to the more typical two years) and less than three years for a Bachelor’s Degree (against four years typically). Computer graphics design programs include an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia, a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Software Development, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Art and Design.

Baker College Online is a Michigan-state chartered school offering a variety of classes up to Master’s Degree level. Even when distance learning, veterans benefits are accepted here. Degrees include an Associate Degree in Web Design, which falls under the auspices of their Applied Science department.

So go ahead, put all that time you spend in front of the computer to work for you. Good luck, learn much and prosper!

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