Online Games May Be Your Style: Playing Mahjong Towers Eternity

Games that get and keep your attention for a long while can be addicting. I have played a game called Mahjong Towers Eternity, by Bigh Fish Games. It has players enjoying Classic, Speed, and Concentration mode.

Each has benifits, such as Classic mode with all the blocks showing the design chosen. This way you see what you are playing till it tells you that you either have to Redo, Replay, or Shuffle. Then you do what seems best to you.

With Speed mode only the ones that match show as you remove the blocks. When there are no moves left you get the Redo, Restart, or shuffle.

With Concentration none of the blocks show the design on them till you press it. Then you have to remember Where the one that matches is located. If you are correct they fly off the board until you either are finished or the Redo, Restart, or Shuffle comes up. Concentration gives you triple the point when finished.

In each mode sometimes you get Daily Double. In Concentration you get the triple and Daily Double when the game is finished. It has a counter on the time you spend playing, the amount of blocks left, and the number of matches. At the top left shows points per blocks removed. It is hard to focus on them as you play. You may check to see if you are in the high scores by checking the winner veiwing.

There are different levels in each catagory shown by animal. You start out as Newbie, onto Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Each catagory has many levels. All of the levels are the same in each animal. Others are added to as you get higher.

Unless you are playing the game it may not sound like much fun. In fact it may not make any sense to you at all. You are asked to make your own layout and share them. I can tell you that it is fun and addicting at the same time. I have made over a hundred layouts. Once you share them you can play and recieve points. The games are made by everyone that feels they have something to share.

You can make your own tilesets also. I made mine of my hobbies and family from grand parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings as children, not to mention my dog.

My suggestion is never buy a game till you have tried it and know it is for you.

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