Online Resumes: Tips for Grabbing Their Attention

When you create on online resume, you must be sure to grab the reader’s attention. Your resume must be a good representation of your best skill, as well as fresh and engaging. Here are some tips you can use:

Online resume tip #1: Make it interactive:
The internet is and interactive entity. Anyone who spends time on the internet expects to be able to navigate through websites. Add clickable links, perhaps to samples of your work (for artists or writers) and as well, as links to your previous employers websites.

Online resume tip #2: Show your personality:
Do you want to demonstrate your good nature, your soft side, or your strength? Use colors, graphics, music, and humor (in good taste, of course) to let your best self shine through.

Online resume tip#3: Make it demonstrative of your best skills:
If you are a writer, then write a story, or article. If you are a web designer, then create a website using tools that an employer would expect you to be able to use. Add flash. Turn it into a movie.

Online resume tip #4 Make it scan-able:
You want your prospective employers to get the information they seek at first glance. Use the first page, or first section of your resume as a summary of your experience or skills. Use the bold feature to point out items like job titles, skills or accomplishments. This will get them to explore further.

Online resume tip #5: Watch your format and fonts:
Your resume will not look the same on others computers as it will on yours. Therefore, it is best to use default fonts, and right justified sentences to ensure uniformity in your online resume, unless of course, page design is your specialty. Your other option is to use PDF or similar formats.

Online resume tip #6: Make sure it loads quickly:
People seldom wait for slow websites to load, so avoid loading your site down with too many graphics or music files. Just because it loads quickly on your computer, does not mean it will load quickly for others. Call a few friends and ask them to pull up your site and give you the loading time. If your page should open before you can count to ten.

Online resume tip #7: Proof read
Just because your resume is posted online, that does not mean that people will find it. To The last thing you want on your resume are typos, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. While you are having your friends check your site for speed, have them check it for errors as well. Ask three of for people to review it for you.

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