Opinion of Haier Compact Refrigerator Mixed

About a year ago, my wife and I were getting frustrated with the lack of space in our kitchen refrigerator and decided it was time to buy a second fridge to free up some room.

Not having much money at the time and, more importantly, not having the space for another full-sized refrigerator, my wife and I looked at compact refrigerators instead. We settled on the Haier 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator (model #HNSB02BB).

The Haier refrigerator had two things we were looking for in a refrigerator. First, it was affordable (they cost about $70). Secondly, it was compact enough to fit in the corner of our breezeway. Looking at it on the box, we figured we could use it for soda, water and a few other items; something that would solve our space problems.

So far, I’m not overly thrilled by my purchase.

If you look at the refrigerator from the outside, it looks like it has quite a bit of space in it. However, the shelves aren’t very deep and the freezer part of it takes away even more space. I’m able to fit four bottles of water on the top shelf, three more if I slide them under the freezer. And, the bottom shelf will hold about 8 cans of soda (or a small dish of food).

The door to the Haier refrigerator attempts to create additional space by providing a spot for soda cans (it will hold 5) and has a small additional shelf.

However, that extra shelf isn’t good for much. I can fit a two-liter bottle of soda or a half gallon of milk in it but, if I keep the top shelf in, the door won’t close. I also have this problem if I have something on that extra shelf and have the bottom of the fridge filled up. I don’t even try to use it any more. I’m sure I could fit a small item on it, like a bottle of ketchup. But, since the bar that is supposed to hold it in place moves (to adjust for larger items) that smaller item would just fall on the floor every time I open the refrigerator door.

As of right now, the Haier 1.7 cubit foot refrigerator is nothing more than a place for us to keep our drinks cold. Yes, that does help free up some space in our kitchen refrigerator, but not nearly as much as we were hoping it would. If you’re counting on it to do more for you (such as serve as your refrigerator while you’re in college) you are going to be disappointed.

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