Orange Tree Coral: Very Colorful Coral

The Orange Tree Coral is one of the only types of orange coral you can place in your saltwater aquarium. It’s very vibrant and beautiful. It is basically orange in color tipped with red accents. The problem with this coral is that it’s very hard to keep alive. It’s one of the most difficult corals to take care of and keep alive. You will need to keep your salinity, placement and temperature perfect in order to keep this coral alive. The coral does not require a lot of light but you will still need a good lighting system. You can place the coral at the bottom or middle of your saltwater tank.

In order to keep the Orange Tree Coral alive you will need to keep the salinity between 1.023 to 1.026. You will also want to keep the temperature at around 71 to 76 degrees. You will want to place a heater in the tank which will make sure that the temperature does not fall below the level that you want to set it at. In order to keep your tank from heating up during the day you will want to keep the tank away from any windows in your home.

You will want to have a canister filter hooked up to your saltwater tank because this coral needs a lot of water movement. This is mainly to make sure that the coral does not get covered in algae. If you do not have enough water movement in your tank you can adjust the power head to shoot water closer to the Orange Tree Coral. You can also purchase a wavemaker that will hook up to the power head on your filter system. The wavemaker will only cost you about five to ten dollars and you will be able to keep much more coral in your tank because you will have a higher amount of water movement.

You will need to purchase many supplements to keep this coral alive. In addition to iodine and trace elements you will also need to purchase strontium and calcium. You will need to add these supplements to your tank at least once every three weeks. Make sure that you do not add to much because that can promote algae growth which will often stick to your coral and cause it to go downhill very quickly. If you notice any algae that is stuck to your Tree Coral you will want to gently remove it.

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