Organize Your Laundry Room!

Until someone finally invents a machine that can go around your house, collect dirty laundry from kids’ rooms and wet towels from bathroom floors, wash and dry it all and return it, folded neatly, to your closets and dressers… we’re all on our own. Since we’re forever stuck doing load after loathsome load, how can we turn one of life’s most boring, repetitious chores into something that we at least don’t mind doing?

Laundry Room Organization

Getting organized is the best way to reduce laundry stress. Splurge on some brand new laundry supplies: a retracting clothes drying rack for the wall, new laundry hampers with good carrying handles, and new wire shelves for storage. With two carrying hampers for each laundry-producing room, you will able to have one to fill with clean laundry while another fills inevitably with more. Create a shelf or storage basket to keep laundry supplies well organized.

Laundry Room Environment

When you’re picking out new colors for your kitchen renovation or adding new curtains in your living room, decor for your laundry room is about the last thing on your mind. But changing the ‘vibe’ in one of the rooms in which you’ll probably spend a great percentage of your waking hours at home is a great idea. Put a radio or an ipod docking station in the laundry room: good music will make folding time go faster. Add personal touches- a family photo or some framed children’s artwork will make the room more cozy. Finally, give yourself a fluffy area rug on which to stand for long stretches- or even a comfy reading chair to wait for that last load to finish.

Laundry Room Help

Don’t go it alone. If you’re going to be the one sorting, spinning and stacking, you can at least avoid some of the heavy lifting laundry creates. Have your spouse or kids bring their own full baskets to the room, and take the completed ones back to be put away. A family member could also be asked to put folded towels in the bathroom and fetch the dirty pile. Sometimes a teenager can even be bribed to go throw the wash in the dryer, too! When they start being required to do their own laundry is up to you!

Whether it’s a shelf with pretty new storage baskets, a fuzzy rug or some cool tunes, doing laundry doesn’t have to be the same old dreaded chore. Give it a new spin!

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