Organizing Your Small Office/Home Office for Success

Organizing Your Small Office/ Home Office For Business Success

There are three things that a business owner must have to keep himself organized a place to work, a place to receive messages and a place to get mail. Below are tips that will help you setup your office, handle your mail, and better manage your voicemail.

The Office

Every office should have the following a functional desk, filing cabinet, and place to hold equipment and a good chair. If you are just starting out use what you have but as the business grows begin to invest in quality furniture. Make wise decisions and make sure that you purchase items that allow you to handle the paperwork

When setting up your office, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Will clients see my office? If your answer is yes then you may want to invest in furniture that will be appealing to visitors.

2) Are you wasting space underneath a table or desk? Depending on the amount of space you can use a variety of storage containers to store supplies, stationery, promotional materials, etc.

3) Do you have enough space? What items are necessary for you to work efficiently? Space was an issue in my office so after taking inventory I decide that a chair had to go.

4) Is there something missing? Do you need shelving or a bookcase? Could you use a 4-drawer filing cabinet instead of the 2-drawer cabinet that is currently in your office?

5) Can a all-in-one machine (printer, copier, fax) help you save space.

Once you have your office set-up to meet your needs and that will allow you work effectively let’s focus on your mail.

The Mail

Depending on the type of business you have you may not want clients to know where you live. Use a P.O. Box or a company that provides the service to use their address to receive your mail.

If you do not have time to go through your mail daily, sort mail using desk or letter organizers. When sorting the mail divide it into the following categories: To-Do/Act (letters), Accounts Payables, File (statements), Read, Toss, Events/Meetings (Agendas, directions, tickets).

Develop the habit if opening your mail by the trash can to eliminate piles in your office. Also schedule time weekly to sort mail and go through in basket so you can start each week with a basket that is not overflowing with unopened mail.

The last item I want to discuss is our Phone.

The Phone

If your budget allows for a separate line make the investment. I would also invest in voicemail that would allow clients to leave detailed message if necessary. If you are just starting your business contact your local phone company and ask about Indenta Ring which gives you a distinctive ring. This will let you know that the incoming call is a business call and will allow you to answer the phone in a professional manner.

Have a professional message on your voicemail. There is nothing worst than having clients, business associates, etc. hear an unprofessional message on your machine.

Quick Tips:

Group all your calls together. You will be surprised at how much you are able to accomplish in a short period of time.

Screen calls. I am screening calls so that I can complete the article you are currently reading.

Schedule some time for yourself. Take a walk, stretch or just be still.

Use these tips to help you start and grow your business. Remember that first impressions are lasting so leave the impression to clients and associates that you mean business.

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