Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a wonderful way to add both texture and color to your fall landscape. These grasses highlighted below will provide airy foliage in the summer and wonderful color in the fall.

Panicum virgatum (switchgrass)

A slow spreading perennial this will get 3-6 feet high. Color on switchgrass is red tinged and textured blades adorn. Adaptable to its location, it does prefer full sun. It will flower from August to September. The seed heads to switchgrass have a cloud effect and has airy flowers good for wildflower meadows.

Sorghastrum nutans (Indian grass)

Upright and fountain-like, this grass is very showy. Good for borders or ornamental uses. It will seed from July to August. This will start off green and turn tan in the winter. Plant this in full sun for optimal bloom and show

Spartina pectinata (Prairie grass)

A good drought tolerant grass that is wonderful for dried arrangements. It will grow up to 6ft and flowers June to October. It has hairy scales that some will suffer hay fever from. Prairie grass has a nice color scheme, from bright clear yellow in the fall to buff in the winter.

Sporobolus heterolepsis (Prairie dropseed)

Slow growing grass that reaches 18-30inches tall. It has fine upright leaves, green in the summer and gold in the fall. It prefers full sun to partial shade and likes dry rocky locations. This grass produces pinkish fragrant flowers and its seeds are high in nutrients. Birds love prairie dropseed.

Schizachyrium scorparium (Bluestem)

This is a lovely clump-forming dark green drought tolerant grass that in fertile soil will reach 20-40 inches high. It prefers full sun or partial shade and has a lavender/blue tinge on the base of its stems. This has wonderful bronze fall color that is a lovely late season prize.

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