Outercouse: Is Safe Pleasure Really Safe?

A pregnancy scare can be a very emotional and stressful time in a woman, or a young couple’s life. There may be thoughts of not being financially ready, not having adequate insurance, or being too young. In spite of how unintended the circumstance is, for many the shock is short lived. This is essentially because anyone who engages in sexual intercourse is fully aware that even when all preventive measures are taken, there is always a possibility of conception. However, what if the conditions were mysteriously different? Suppose you were a young girl who became pregnant, oddly you had not engaged in sexual intercourse, even worse, what if you were still a virgin.

The percentage of young adults engaging in premarital sex has declined in recent years. Experts will credit this decrease to fears of contracting a STD, widespread sexual education, and a rise in moral standards. On the contrary some argue that young people are essentially employing other methods of sexual satisfaction. Although actual intercourse is at a low, many young people are still taking part in sexual activities – going as far as two bodies can go, “without going all the way.” This is considered safe pleasure because some feel that there is no risk of pregnancy or disease.

This method, termed outercourse, is becoming popular among teenagers who are not ready to have sexual intercourse. Outercourse is lovemaking without penetration and enables both parties to reach sexual satisfaction. This can include heavy talk, touching, bathing together, massages, and dry sex. With these activities body fluid is not exchanged, therefore there is no risk of pregnancy; however the latter method – dry sex – may not be as safe.

The ideal of a young girl becoming pregnant without engaging in actual intercourse is quite new – and debatable. We were all taught in sexual education that sperm cannot live outside the body, or at room temperature. This notion seems to discredit any ideal of being able to conceive a child without intercourse. Unfortunately it’s not that black and white. With this said there have been very rare incidents where a man released semen near a woman’s opening and resulted in her becoming pregnant. Situation like this are uncommon, but they can happen. In most cases when two people engage in dry sex they keep there clothes on, alleviating any risk. However for those couples who are a little more on the adventurous side, and prefer to have their bodies exposed they should hold in mind that this increases the risk of pregnancy dramatically. Many are disillusioned and think that outercourse is just as safe as abstinence. However the risks are similar. If you want to act and behave like an adult, then handle yourself like an adult. With this said, whether engaging in intercourse or outercoure – be responsible.

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