Over-40 Pregnancy: Easing the Physical Discomforts

She’s the glowing woman with rosy cheeks and bright smile. The only hint that she is seven months pregnant is a medium budge that is protruding from her fashionable outfit. Her charming personality has not been affected by the emotional changes most pregnant women suffer due to hormones. She’s 40-something but impending motherhood has made her look ten years younger. She looks like a movie star and says her entire pregnancy has been blissful because she has never experience any physical discomfort. Sounds like someone’s fantasy? She is. She is the fantasy older – – and younger – expectant moms wish could be their reality. The truth is at one time or another during pregnancy most women will experience some discomfort. Here are common complaints and what you can do to ease the discomforts:

Nausea/Morning Sickness. While some women only experience nausea/morning sickness during the first few months of pregnancy, others experience this throughout pregnancy. Try eating crackers before getting out of bed. Check with your doctor about drinking ginger tea which have helped eased morning sickness for a great deal of women.

Fatigue & Insomnia. My first commonsense tip of the day is rest when you are tired. Listen to your body. Insomnia is caused by many reasons during pregnancy. Anxiety concerning the pending birth experience is believed to be one of them. Try to read a good book before bedtime. A warm shower may help. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages.

Nasal Congestion. Your blood volume increases nearly 45% during pregnancy. This increase causes the membranes inside of your nose to swell. Increase your intake of water and place a cold steam humidifier in your room

Backache. My second commonsense tip of the day is to stop wearing shoes with high heels. The weight and position of your growing baby is already affecting your posture and how you walk. You don’t need the added pressure of high heels that look good but are not good for you. Also, practice maintaining proper posture (walk with back straight).
Sit down throughout the day to rest your back.

Swelling. Evaluate your legs whenever possible. Try not to cross your legs when sitting. Stop wearing knee high nylons or thigh high stockings with tight elastic bands. Check with your doctor about exercises such as walking or swimming.

Constipation. This is not one of the things you thought about when you envisioned yourself being pregnancy but it’s reality. Drink lots of water and eat a high fiber diet (fruits and raw vegetables).

Heartburn. Water is going to help you more than any other liquid during pregnancy. Drink lots of water if you have heartburn. Avoid spicy, hot, and greasy foods. Check with your doctor before taking any over the counter medication.

While the physical discomforts of pregnancy may feel as though they will last a lifetime, take comfort they won’t. As my mother would say, “honey, you’re going to make it because this too will pass.”

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