Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Many doctors don’t believe chronic fatigue syndrome is really a serious condition but to those who suffer excessive fatigue, short-term memory loss, sore throats, muscle and joint pain, headaches, increased thirst, feeling tired after getting sleep, or bowel dysfunction, the condition is real, very real. And it doesn’t sound or feel like it’s all in the head, but all over the body. The reason why many traditional doctors don’t believe chronic fatigue syndrome is real is because medical tests don’t show anything. And even if they are diagnosed with the condition, they are often told to take a sleeping pill – a drug – to help them sleep or relieve pain, or to exercise and increase social activities to boost energy. Some have been misdiagnosed and told they are depressed and given medication to fight depression.

Not only is all this treatment ineffective, but it can be dangerous, especially when given a prescription for drugs that do more harm than good. Alternative doctors believe that the cause for the lack of energy is a result of a defect in the energy within the cells called mitochondria. If the mitochondria isn’t function properly or not producing enough cell energy, than problems will occur. There are a number of alternative treatments to help overcome chronic fatigue syndrome because they focus on building or increasing the energy levels in the cells or the mitochondria.

The mitochondria in cells need help in producing energy so nutrients like magnesium and malic acid help them to turn sugar into energy. A supplement called FibroCare has all the necessary nutrients to help produce energy in the cells. Taking six capsules of FibroCare a day, which is a total of 450 mgs of magnesium and 1,800 mgs of malic acid, will help overcome chronic fatigue syndrome. If you start having diarrhea, cut back on the magnesium dosage and slowly increase it. After you start feeling better, cut back on the dosage of FibroCare two tablets to keep the energy production normal.

You can also take a multivitamin supplement in order to get the necessary magnesium and malic acid needed to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome. Taking a multivitamin supplement everyday will help the mitochondria to produce enough cell energy. You should also take a supplement that includes potassium and aspartate along with magnesium to boost cell energy production and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome. However, take this combination of supplements under a doctor’s supervision. To provide your body with the highest levels of energy, take 10 mgs of NADH for 60 days. However, there is a science in taking NADH since it is destroyed by stomach acid when taken alone. Take NADH with a glass of water in the morning and wait at least 30 minutes before taking any other supplements or before eating breakfast.

Those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome often experience significant weight gain. To overcome the significant weight gain, take 1,000 mgs of Acetyl-Carnitine a day for 90 days, then cut back on the dosage to 500 mgs a day for another 90 days. You can also take Lysine along with the acetyl-carnitine. Take 500 mgs of acetyl-carnitine with 2,000-3,000 mgs of lysine for 90 days, and then cut back on the lysine to 1,000 mgs for the next 90 days.

Another way to boost energy levels is to take 100 mgs of CoQ10 a day. CoQ10 helps increase cell energy levels. You can take CoQ10 with a teaspoon of flaxseed oil to make it easier to absorb.

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