Overcoming the Odds: Kellie Pickler

Gone but not forgotten, American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler showed millions of television viewers the true meaning of Southern charm and raw talent. No one, not even Pickler herself, imagined that she would grace the stage and go on to be in the top ten of the popular Fox network’s top-rated talent show. With a fascinating and unconventional background, many people now want to know more about this small-town girl who went from being a roller skating waitress in Albemarle, NC, to becoming an overnight celebrity.

Singing “before she could talk” (according to Kelly), Kelly has not had an easy life Born on June 28, 1986, she was abandoned by her mother when she was three years old, and her father was in a Florida state prison for a stabbing incident. (Clyde Pickler has, regrettably, a long history of alcohol and drug abuse, and has been confined many times in his life.) But one thing is true: Kelly can carry a tune. Up untill she tried out for American Idol Season 5 in Greensboro, NC – she lived with her grandfather. After losing her grandmother two years ago and working at Sonic, Kelly decided to make a better life for herself by trying out for American Idol. Kelly made her way into the Greensboro, NC auditions and decided to take on “Since U Been Gone,” a song by American Idol legend Kelly Clarkson. Her performance was impeccable, and all three judges gave her the go ahead for the next round in the competiion. Not only was she talented, but the judges also agreed that she is one the nicest (if sometimes naive) contestants that they have had.

From the first audtion to the final top ten, Pickler sadly left American Idol when she was booted off, coming in sixth place. However, fans will never forget her charming naivity, but most important they will never forget the brilliant voice that came from such a small town girl. Pickler has recently been meeting with producers in Nashville, so there may be more “Pickler Mania” on the way.

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