PHP Auction – What is it and How to Install It?

PHP Auction is a new web-based auction. It is easy to set up and you can have your own live auction in minutes on your website. This software has many features. Some features are reserve prices, send auction to a friend, and email notifications. These are just a few but there are many more. To see exactly what PHP Auction is visit

This is the easiest software that I have found to install on your site. I have tested this software and haven’t had any problems yet. It is much easier to go through your control panel to install PHP Auction. If you download it from the link above you will have to unzip it and upload it and so on. So I think the best and easiest way to go is through your C-Panel. In this tutorial I will show you how to install PHP Auction through your C-panel.

Installing PHP Auction through your C-panel

Login to the control panel of the website that you wish to install PHP Auction on. Click on the link called Fantastico. On the next page you will see a list of links on the left hand side. Near the bottom under Other Scripts you will see the PHP Auction link. Click on that link to begin the installation.

On the next page on the right hand side you will see a brief description of PHP Auction. Then you will see the space required. Make sure you have enough space before you begin. If you don’t have enough space you may need to delete some things that are already on your site. Above the space requirements you will see where it says New Installation. Click on that link.

The Next Page is where you will enter the important information to install PHP Auction. I will walk you through each step of this page.

Install Location

Install on Domain – Select the domain that you wish to install PHP Auction on. There will be more than one option if you have sub-domains on this domain.

Install in Directory – In this field you can choose to place your auction in a sub-directory or the root directory. I would recommend a sub-directory so that you can use your index page to welcome people to your auction. To place you PHP Auction in a sub-directory you will need to type the name of the directory that you want to use. Make sure that this directory doesn’t exist. You could use “auction” for the directory name. Just an example.

Admin Access Data

Administrator’s Username – Enter the username that you wish to use to log in to the admin area.

Password – Enter the password that you wish to use to log in to the admin area.

Base Configuration

Site Name – Enter the name of your site in this field

Admin Email – Enter your email in this field.

Max size of images allowed to be uploaded – This option is up to you. You can allow as many images as you wish. This field is referring to the amount of images that the users can upload for their auctions. I would keep the number of images high because if you have 50,000 auctions going with two pictures each, that is 100,000 pictures right there.

Preferred Language – Select the language that you wish to use. You can add more languages in the admin panel.

Once you have finished filling in all the information, click on the Install PHP Auction button.

The next page will tell you that you have chosen to install PHP Auction on so and so domain and in so and so directory. Click the Finish Installation button.

The next page will show your username, password, where your auction is located, and where your admin panel is located.

You may want to print or bookmark this page incase you forget this information. If you have any problems with the installation please feel free to email me using the contact button on this page.

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