Paid Survey Sites that Actually Pay

Is the world of paid surveys a scam? Is it simply too good to be true? The answer to these questions is yes and no. There are several paid survey sites that are scams and several that are reputable and pay. The pay varies and can sometimes seem like a waste of time, making it too good to be true. If you are in need of a supplemental income, then paid to read surveys is not going to provide this. If you like to share your opinion and receive a small income and other rewards, then paid to read surveys can actually be worthwhile and even fun. The following is a list of reputable survey sites. I have personally been paid by all of these sites and highly recommend them.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone research is a paid survey site that offers $5 for every completed survey. Their surveys generally take about 10 minutes to complete. It can be difficult to get into Pinecone Research since they do not regularly take new sign ups. The way to join is by finding a sign up banner that can be on any number of other web sites. Simply perform a search and you should be able to find the banner. Currently, Pinecone pays by sending out checks but they are in the process of offering Paypal as an option as well. Pinecone research is one of the most reliable paid survey sites out there.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is another fantastic paid survey site. The surveys range in monetary value and length, but all surveys are paid in cash. You will receive survey invites several times a month, although you may not qualify to finish all of them. Survey Savvy does always accept new members. They also have a referral program so that you can make money from the surveys your referrals complete. You can cash out your account when it reaches $4 which is quite easy to do since most of the paid surveys are at least that much and you receive $1-$2 for every survey your referral completes. Currently, Survey Savvy is sending out checks. Survey Savvy is a great paid survey site, especially if you can build up a lot of referrals.

Lightspeed Panel

Lightspeed Panel is a paid to read survey site that works on points. Each survey is worth anywhere from 75-1000 points. These points can be redeemed for cash or other rewards. The points convert at 1000 points to $10. They will pay either by check or Paypal. Once you have been a member of Lightspeed for a while, they may offer you products to test. Most recently, I tested a product that earned me over 2000 points plus I got to keep the product which I happen to love. With every survey you complete, you are also entered into a sweepstakes. There are also several other ways to enter the sweepstakes such as answering a one-question mini-poll or answering small surveys about yourself so they can better match you to the big surveys. The best thing about Lightspeed Panel is that the surveys are actually interesting and make you feel as if you are really contributing to something. Lightspeed Panel is a great paid survey site.

Harris Poll

Harris Poll offers very interesting surveys that make your time seem worthwhile. Harris Poll works off a point system and offers a lot of different types of rewards for the points. The most popular rewards are gift cards. The gift cards are each for $5 and offer a variety of stores and restaurants. The points add up quickly and the gift cards do as well. While Harris Poll doesn’t offer cash, it is still a great survey site that pays in gifts and gift cards.

Survey Spot

Survey Spot is a gigantic survey company that does often offer paid surveys. You will receive tons of survey invitations although most of them are simply for entries into the sweepstakes. Several times a month, they send out cash surveys. You do not need to answer all of the surveys, especially the ones without pay. They also run occasional focus groups or market studies. At one point, I was paid $75 for spending 1 hour on the phone for a survey. Once you request payout, they will send out a check. Survey Spot is a very reliable paid survey company.

Each of these paid survey sites is quite different from the next. If you are looking for a little spending money and something interesting to do with your free time, then paid survey sites are a great option. Pinecone Research, Survey Savvy, Lightspeed Panel, Harris Poll, and Survey Spot are the best of the best in paid surveys and actually pay for your time and opinion.

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