Palmolive Pure and Clear Product Review

There is a new product on the market almost every day promoting a “greener” side of things. I am a fan of the changes for many reasons, and I am totally loving how it has decreased the cost of many natural “greener” products. Palmolive recently released a new dish washing detergent called “Pure + Clear” Palmolive’s new Pure + Clear dish washing liquid promises to deep clean your dishes, leaving no harmful residues. Palmolive’s new Pure + Clear is also phosphate free and hypoallergenic. So how does Palmolive’s Pure + Clear really stack up?

Well, the promise to deep clean is definitely something that Palmolive Pure + Clear lives up to. Unlike some other eco-friendly dish washing liquids out there that don’t suds up and make you feel like you’re not really washing your dishes, Palmolive Pure + Clear delivers power! As a matter of fact, if you enjoy Palmolive’s other not so eco-friendly dish washing liquids, you will find that the Pure + Clear line is no different. You get the same great cleaning power, tough on grease and excellent foaming and sudsing action!

So what about those who are all about the eco-friendly perks that Palmolive’s new Pure + Clear line has to offer? Well, you will enjoy knowing that the ingredients that make up Palmolive’s Pure + Clear are biodegradable. You may also be happy to note that the attractive bottle is made from 25%-75% post-consumer recycled plastic! But is it enough to sway the eco-friendly crowed? Well, if you check the back of Palmolive’s Pure + Clear, you will notice that it only claimed to have “no unnecessary chemicals” which simply means that Palmolive’s Pure + Clear may not be so pure. Any ingredients that they deem as necessary are included in the making of the Pure + Clear line.

Pure + Clear also states on the bottle that there are no heavy fragrances, which is a good thing. Fragrances can be harsh on the skin and cause irritation. The bottle of Palmolive’s Pure + Clear also promotes that it has non-irritating dyes. Both should help you put the fear of breaking out in “dish pan” hands as this is usually caused by the drying and often allergic reactions of the effect of dyes and fragrances.

You can find Palmolive Pure + Clear in almost any store that carries dish washing liquid. The price of Palmolive Pure + Clear varies between $2.50-3.15 for a 20 Fl. Oz bottle. Pure + Clear is currently available in two different scents – Sparkling Fresh and Spring Fresh. I preferred the scent of the Spring Fresh personally. I recommend it to anyone who wants a greener more eco-friendly dish washing liquid with powerful cleaning. Although it’s not totally “natural” as it does contain chemicals, they are kept to a minimum and are greatly better tan using ordinary dish washing liquids.

Unless you use a dishwasher you are most likely washing all those dishes by hand. I figure it is always better to have a product that can get the job done well and quickly. I find that when I use Palmolive’s Pure + Clear, because of the excellent sudsing action, my dishes come clean very easily. The suds rinse of very well, and you won’t feel like there is still an inviable layer of dish washing liquid on your dishes. I give Palmolive Pure + Clean an eight out of ten. I really do like it and will continue to but Pure + Clear. the only thing I would change is possibly removing some of the chemicals they “deem” necessary. There is no list of ingredients on the bottle, so consumers have no way of knowing the true difference. We can all hope that Palmolive is not just jumping the “green” bandwagon to appeal to consumers while really keeping things basically the same. I wouldn’t expect that to be the truth, but having an ingredient label on the Pure + Clear label could put my mind at ease!

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