Pampering Your Man

Men, I know you got some beautiful ladies out there that want to be pamper and taking care of. But ladies what happen when it’s our turn? Thanks Destiny Child, yes believe it or not men would love to be pamper by their women. Maybe in a different way but hey if we’re willing to do it to you it’s only fair. We need to know ya really care. We have the same emotions just like all you women but we don’t show it as much. Yes ladies please cater to your man. Before you get all Janet Jackson on your man(what have you done for me lately?) stop and think what have you done for him lately. No, not nagging is not an option. We are all human we all want to feel wanted, treasured and desire. Before you go listen to your girlfriend that been having man trouble for the past year think about your man, because when push comes to shove it’s mostly likely going to be only you and him forever. Show him you care.

Rub his feet

I know some men feet aren’t the prettiest thing to look at but if you truly love him you’ll suck it up. You better get that baby oil and rub those bad boys. Give him at least 30 min of this. Please don’t just say “come over here let me rub your feet”. Surprise him, for instance, when he’s watching a sport game just walk in the room, sit beside him and take his feet and rub. Ladies ya love surprises, why can’t we get one.Hey a sandwich is a bonus if you’re willing.

You can pay

Women consider themselves as independent until the bill for a restaurant comes. Don’t be afraid of the bill, he isn’t. You could pay for it once in a while and I don’t mean half, because we all know that women have more than men when they go out to eat. So you should see what all your entrees really cost. I’m not saying spoil him but once in a while it doesn’t hurt.

Leave him alone

Leaving your man alone is a good sign of caring. Men likes being alone at time. We just watch David Chapelle, basketball or something alone. You could make us a sandwich but please leave after that. Ladies, don’t annoy us and the number one thing that annoy us you not understand but you talking like you understand. If you don’t understand what we watch just leave us alone. We don’t understand why you like Oprah or Dr. Phil. All we know is how to leave you alone when you’re watching these shows. TV is our personal spa, we want it at least 3 times a week for about a hour. Let me relax!

Ladies these are just a few things to please your man. You could follow it or think it’s a bull. It really doesn’t matter. Just remember if you don’t do another woman will. Just think about it. Men and women have there needs, respect that. Don’t knock catering to your man because you think no man needs to be spoil. Keep an open mind ladies.

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