Panoxyl Bar 10 to Clear Up Acne: A Review

Is your face often oily? Do you have frequent breakouts? Do you need to clear up your acne? You might benefit from Panoxyl Bar 10.

Panoxyl Bar 10 is a soap-like bar (yet free of soap) that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, which if you don’t know, is quite a bit. Panoxyl Bar 10 is a non-prescription item, available to anyone who wants to dish out the $9 or $10 bucks for it, but it is sometimes kept behind the pharmacy counter, perhaps due to the benzoyl peroxide concentration. You would only need to ask the pharmacy for it if you cannot find it in the aisle with all of the other facial soaps. The Panoxyl Bar 10 comes in a white rectangular (soap size, naturally) white box with Panoxyl 10%, Maximum Strength Acne Wash written in large blue letters.

And it works pretty well. I wouldn’t call it a breakthrough product because it seems to lose its effectiveness after consistent use, but it certainly works better for clearing up acne than any of the other over the counter products I have tried. And there’s something about the large concentration of benzoyl peroxide that makes it more pleasant to use than other benzoyl peroxide products I’ve tried. Usually the stuff with benzoyl peroxide is found in creams and I’ve found these to not only smell terrible (thus, making you smell terrible) but it also itches, reddens the skin and after that doesn’t even work. But the Panoxyl Bar 10, if you coat your face with the thick white soap-like stuff and let it sit for a couple minutes, it dries out your skin really fast. This is of course is not the conventional product usage, so if you follow suit, please do so with great caution and possibly doctors advice, but I have found it to work best and quickest if I allow the Panoxyl Bar 10 to moisten a bit and taking a big chunk of the gooey clump soap-like stuff in my fingers, coat my dry face with it and leave it on for 5-10 minutes like a face mask before washing it off. The product does have a tendency to cause redness if your skin hasn’t habituated to it so I only recommend that method for use after you’re a Panoxyl Bar 10 expert or if your breakout is so bad, you are desperate and your face is red anyway.

But the Panoxyl Bar 10 product works. If you need to clear up acne or dry out an oily face, I definitely recommend you giving Panoxyl Bar 10 a shot.

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