Parenting and Public Schools

Have you ever looked around at the kids today and wondered what happened to parenting and the public school system? Throughout this article I will be touching on certain subjects that commonly flow throughout our society. These problems are not a phase and are growing worse with every passing school year. If you have children I suggest reading this article in its entirety.

Parenting and Public Schools: The Good Old Days

Ahh, the good old days. Parents actually parenting instead of letting their children run the show. Respecting your elders, working for money (honestly), and striving to become a responsible adult were the general way of thinking. But, parenting just doesn’t have the same meaning any more.

I also remember the good old days of the public school system when the teachers actually taught, and the kids would go to learn academics. The teachers worked hard on the curriculum that they posed for their students and the students tried their hardest to succeed.

On recesses you would see the playground full of happy kids looking to exercise and enjoy their free play time.
The supplies were supplied by the school with the state budget to help alleviate some of the financial burdens from the parents who already have enough on their plate.

When children got in trouble at school it was usually for something serious and then a phone call home or suspension was issued then the parents would take it from there and discipline their child to the point that the child did not want the punishment again. But as for the common disobediences, that all children go through at one time or another, was dealt with appropriately within the school by merely talking with the student.

Parenting and Public Schools: The New Way of Teaching

Most parents have a new way of teaching their childrenâÂ?¦. Self-esteem is much more important than education or compassion-As long as you ‘try’ show up for classes and do a few assignments now and again it’s enough to “get you by”-Why work hard when you’re young when you’ll have the rest of your life to work? It’s your youth do what you want with it. – – etc. etc.

Unfortunately, this is making for a lazy, arrogant, “the world revolves around me” mentality that is destroying the parental integrity this country once had.

Public schools today have a new approach to teaching. A common action of teachers is now to request, usually by letters home, that parents correct the homework before the children bring it back to make the teacher’s job easier. I know many parents who have been told, if their child is struggling in a certain area, to tutor them for an hour after schoolâÂ?¦ again to make their job easier. So I ask you if parents are expected to correct the homework and to teach the children in all the areas where they are lackingâÂ?¦What is the teacher’s job again?

On playgrounds today, in certain cities across the nation, you can see kids sitting around on the playground or walking around talking on their cell phones. Physical activity has been replaced by laziness, and teachers/yard duties are facilitating this frame of mind as it makes it much easier for them to also sit around and chat with other teachers instead of paying attention to child safety.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard teachers invite other teacher and friends out to lunch and dinner and laugh about it being paid for by the school budget. It is funny to me that some of the lower class teaching professionals decide to use the budget intended for the school for their own selfish purposes. It is important to note that most of these same teachers complain endlessly that there is just not enough money for “education.”

Parents are required to buy a one to two page list of school items (which their children may or may not actually use) to allow the teachers more of a “spending” allotment. If by any chance you are a parent who does not get all of the “required” items listed by the public school teachers by their deadline then, often times your child is humiliated in front of the class by the teacher publicly asking about the their family’s financial stability in hopes of forcing the parents to finish purchasing the requested items.

Instead of the good old days of the schools dealing with minor problems, these common issues are blown way out of proportion. Just one example; when my son was in first grade a few girls from his class would chase him around trying hard to kiss himâÂ?¦of course this was a little game. One day when I was on the campus talking with the teacher and watching the kids play I had made a comment that I should be thankful that it was not my son chasing after the girls. To which the teacher replied “I hope for his sake that does not happen while he is in my class, I would hate to send him to the office for sexual harassment.” Stopping dead in my tracks and with my jaw dropped I looked at her as if she was serious, she then told me that it was a very serious offense and that public schools are supposed to immediately report those situations.
Other minor problems that have been taken way out of proportion in public schools are the following and what they are now referred to as crime:

1. Spit balls-vandalism and potential biohazard due to saliva
2. Squirting water out of your mouth from a fountain- battery with bodily waste.
3. Boys wetting towels and trying to make ‘baskets’ into the bathroom garbage cans- conspiracy to commit vandalism to school property.
4. Name calling (ie. One boy calls another boy a “sissy”)- a verbal assault on sexual preference and gender.
5. Normal statements when a student is in a bad mood (ie. “I hate school”)- this is considered terrorism and possible plotting against the public school.
This is not a joke, I have witnessed these “citations for criminal behaviors” and have actually discussed it with public school bodies to see if they felt that this was outrageousâÂ?¦they did not.

Parenting and Public Schools: The Problem Child

There is always going to be some children who will break the mold. They used to be called leaders and were awarded for the qualities and skills they possessed to motivate others by example. In today’s public school system this could not be further from the truth. I cannot tell you how many situations and parents I know that have had their children branded as a “problem child” throughout their public school attendance because of simple and minor problems that could have been dealt with in a better manner.

If your child breaks the mold at school and happens to think outside the box he/she may also be considered a “problem child”. The number one solution to this problem in the public school system is drugs to make your child submissive. Not only this is not healthy for the way their brain functions naturally but also makes them feel as though they are wrong for showing initiative and setting their own goals and standards independently.

Although I believe strongly in making sure that your children’s self-esteem is not completely crushed by common adolescent issues, I don not feel that self-esteem should be held higher that academics.

*Public schools have become notorious for being competition for all children where popularity and social acceptance is concerned. Our children are seeing school as more of a place to hang out, chat on cell phones, and play on the internet instead of working hard to get into college. Unfortunately, it looks like this is not going to change anytime soon. Teachers are becoming lazier and as long the students do not bother them they do not force academics to interfere with their social interaction.

Parenting and Public Schools: Options Available

If you feel that your relationship with your child is beyond hope and still want to put some effort into them before they move out into the world� then I suggest parenting classes and/or family counseling.

As for their education�If there is one parent that stays at home it is all that is required for independent schooling or home schooling. �so this is definitely an option if you want to stress to your child how important their academic future is to their financial freedom and job related stability.

If however, you do not choose one of these paths but still do not wish to inflict the public schools on your children there are other options such as private schools and other such academies, which most of them still uphold learning as the foundation.

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