Parent’s Guide to Crib Mattresses

Chances are, when you find the perfect crib for your baby’s nursery, the mattress will not be included. The next step in your journey will be to pick out a mattress. There is more to buying a mattress than just picking up the first one that you see. There are several things that you should take into account when selecting the perfect mattress for your baby’s crib. You must remember that majority of your baby’s time will be spent sleeping and napping in their crib, and the crib must be sturdy and safe. One good thing to remember is that the firmer the crib mattress is, the better it is.

There are two major types of crib mattresses, innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. Foam mattresses tend to be the least expensive of the two. Foam mattresses consist mainly of polyurethane. A mattress cover is put over the polyurethane foam and you have a mattress, it is that simple! If you decide to go with the foam mattresses, there are a few good ways to make sure that you are getting the best one. For one, you want the mattress to be very firm. You can test this by pressing down on the mattress and evaluating how quickly the mattress returns to its original form. Secondly, you want a mattress that is quite heavy. The more dense the mattress is, the heavier it will be. You will also want the mattress to be well made so that it will last a long time. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money!

The other type of crib mattresses are the innerspring mattresses. These are basically similar to regular spring mattresses on adult beds which have layers of coils, cushioning and a pad that serves as an insulator. When selecting an innerspring mattress, you will want to focus much of your attention on the amount of coils. The more coils and metal or steel that you have in the mattress, the better it is. You can count on innerspring mattresses to be a bit on the heavy style mainly because they do consist of steel and wooden border rods, which encase the coils and help distribute the weight. There will also be an ample amount of cushioning and insulating materials.

Whichever type you choose to purchase, the most important thing is to be sure that the mattress is very firm. You can test this by pressing on several different mattresses. Chances are you will feel the difference. Be certain that you measure your baby’s crib so that you do not make a mistake in finding the perfect fitting mattress. If the mattress does not fit the crib correctly, there are several risks that can arise.

Baby mattresses are important because they are more than just a piece of your baby’s furniture. Buying the correct crib mattress for your baby can ensure your baby’s safety down the road.

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