Parks, Schools and Activities in Walnut, California

Walnut is a fairly small city of only 9 square miles, incorporated in 1959. This is a multi-cultural city where the property values are high and nearly 90% of the residents are high school graduates. The population is slightly above 30,000 people and it’s not a very crowded place. In Walnut you can enjoy the suburban life while still being fairly close to Los Angeles. You will also be close to Riverside County and Orange County. Walnut is a great place to live if you will be driving between places frequently as it tends to be right in the middle.

In addition to being a nice calm, quiet, relatively crime-free city to live in, Walnut also has top quality schools. Mt. San Antonio College offers quality education for obtaining your associates degree or starting the climb to higher education. Walnut High School is a blue ribbon school with top quality teachers to ensure the success of your child going onto college. If you are searching for a top quality school district, you have found it with the Walnut Unified School District.

In addition to being a great city for quality schooling, Walnut is a great city for any age. There are camps in the summertime for the younger children. There is a newly built teen center for teenagers to take advantage of the gymnasium, classes, tutoring, or just hang out. The recreation center also has many classes and activities for adults. For the older generation, there are many exciting classes, activities, and events at the newly built senior center.

Many of the activities in Walnut take place at the beautiful parks the city is known for. There are 11 parks in Walnut: Heidelberg, Walnut Ranch, Snow Creek, Suzanne, Creekside, Arroyo, Walnut Hills, Butterfield, Lemon Creek, Norman Ashley, and Country Hollow. My personal favorite is Snow Creek Park. Snow Creek offers beautiful scenery that is often used for wedding photography, opportunities to view native wildlife such as the Great Blue Heron and Cattle Egret, and newly installed playground equipment for your young children to enjoy. At Snow Creek Park there is plenty of space to fly a kite in March, there are baseball games to watch during baseball season, a snack bar is available on site, the trails are a great place for some mild hiking, and it can be a great place to just sit and relax as well. If you visit Walnut, I highly recommend spending some time at the parks.

This is not a city known for having many events. However, we do have music in the park nights as well as one yearly festival. The Walnut Family Festival is our biggest event each year. There are several vendors selling all sorts of crafts, displaying their discounted products, animal rescues with animals for adoption, rock climbing, contests, horse rides, and various new activities each year. Oh, and I just can’t forget to mention the great funnel cakes that are there each year! Yum! This festival is usually around October, and if you are planning a vacation to this city, I highly recommend you check that out if you’d like to meet the locals.

So if you are looking for small town life, yet you want to be near a few larger cities, Walnut may be the perfect compromise for you. If you are out visiting the Los Angeles area and want to stop at a park for a nice picnic, Walnut may just be the place for you. If you enjoy high crime rates, graffiti on your walls, schools where your child will receive a second-rate education, well, you will definitely save some money by not moving to Walnut. So if you’re looking for a nice quiet neighborhood with beautiful rolling hills, peaceful parks, and high quality schools, Walnut is the city for you. Come visit us!

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