Party Clean Up Tips

Having a party is usually a great time. This also usually means that the better the party the bigger the mess will be when you wake up to in the morning. Party clean up does not have to be as painful as your hangover. It will take some time and effort but if you plan ahead, you can be back in your bed in no time. You will need four essential cleaning supplies. If you do not have a mop, heavy duty trash bags, paper towels, and all-purpose cleaner, pick them up while you are out buying party supplies. More than likely, you will not be in any shape to be out the next morning running errands, nor will you want too. The next step is the most important one; make sure you recruit a few of your friends that will be able to help you with your party clean up the next morning. It is only fair and is a true test of friendship.

The next day after the party is over, drag yourself out of bed and wake up your friends. It is time to start party clean up. The party cleanup is not supposed to be a thorough cleaning; the goal is to clean just well enough to get the house in the same shape it had been in before the party. You and your friends should start going from room to room with your heavy duty trash bags and collect all of the empty disposable cups, utensils and plates, if you still party like its 1985, empty the ashtrays too. Once all of this clutter is removed, collect all of the cans, bottles and half full glasses and empty them in the kitchen sink. While this is going on you might want to freshen up the house with some fresh natural aromas as we have previously written about. This will cover and neutralize any lingering smells from the night before.

Use a wet mop to clean the floors in the bathrooms and the kitchen, just spray the all-purpose cleaner on the floor and mop away. Once the hard floor surfaces are cleaned, do a quick run through with the vacuum on the carpeted areas on the house. You can also use the all-purpose cleaner to clean the tables and counter-tops. Use the all-purpose cleaner to treat any stains that might have been incurred the night before, this includes the carpets and the walls. The sooner you can treat the stains the better. If you are an adult and you threw the party, then you can simply place all of the trash outside to be picked up by the garbage collectors. But if you happen to be a teenager who threw the party without your parents’ knowledge, like the Tom Cruise character in Risky Business, place all of the trash bags in the trunk of a friend’s car and have the trash thrown out elsewhere. With the house sparkling cleaning and fresh scents wafting throughout, your parents will never know. With the help of your friends, the party cleanup should not take more than hour. Following the cleaning tips listed above, will keep your anxiety levels down and might also help lessen the effects of your hangover.

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