Have you abandoned me,
Passion, my old friend?
Have you left me behind?
Has it come to an end?

I miss the old warmth,
The hot touches, the flame.
Are these pleasures of youth?
Is it age that’s to blame?

Is familiarity of marriage
The culprit for this?
Is it children, is it work,
Is it worry, stress, or myth?

What is the reason
For leaving me all alone?
Is there still any hope
Of your coming back home?

Wait, you are there,
In the shadows, in the night.
You’ve been waiting for me.
The flame still burns very bright.

You really never left me,
You’ve just been denied,
When all the distractions
Made me push YOU aside.

Seek out your lover,
Do not even delay.
Passion overcomes us.
There is nothing more to say.

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