Patio Bar Stools

Are you considering adding a patio bar set for your outdoor entertaining? If so, your set will not be complete without some patio bar stools. They are great for sitting at the bar while sipping your drink or for just relaxing outside when the weather is nice. Your personal preference and the protection against the elements will determine what kind of bar and patio bar stools you will want to purchase. You’ll want to get a bar set that looks good, but you will also want it to complement your home’s trim and landscape. You will also want to consider how long the bar and patio bar stools will last.

There are three options available to you when you go pick out the materials. If you are budget conscious, the least expensive is molded plastic. It won’t sustain any weather damage; however, they aren’t all that fashionable either. If you still want to purchase this type of bar and patio bar stools, make sure that you get some that can handle heavier adults. You don’t want your guest to be sitting there enjoying their drink one minute and the next minute be sitting on your patio floor because the legs warped and collapsed on their chair.

Your second option is wood. You can purchase items made out of cedar, teak, and treated pine. Cedar could be your best option for your bar and patio bar stools. It is a very attractive wood and comes in a variety of shades of tan and red. Another good thing about cedar is that it has unique waterproofing properties that make it perfect for outdoor entertaining. Teak wood is a little more expensive than cedar, but it provides you with good moisture protection if your patio bar stools are going to get long-term outdoor exposure. Although it is a little plain to look at, pressure treated pine can be a good choice. Since mature pine wood is becoming scarcer, you should be prepared to pay more than you might have anticipated.

The third option is metal. If you want to go this route, you don’t want to be pinching your pennies. It is very important to choose your metals carefully since long-term exposure to any moisture can corrode many different types of metal. You should stick to wrought iron, aluminum, or stainless steel for your patio bar stools. You can even purchase folding patio bar stools for easy storage during the cold months.

You will enjoy entertaining with your new bar set for many years to come. This can be a wise investment if you entertain a lot during the warmer months. You and your friends will want to stay outside all the time, sitting on your patio bar stools and enjoying a cool drink.

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