Peeping Stars: How to Spot a Celebrity

Celebrity spotting in any major city like LA or NY, is about as easy as finding cheap prices at Wal Mart. Stars, celebrities, the uber cool, can stick out like sore thumbs in places like Wichita, Kansas or Fresno, California. But for places where they all seem to migrate, it gets a bit tougher because the “rest” of the population in that area seem to want to reflect the same style, look, and attention that “real” celebrities have. Here are a few ways to distinguish the star from the rest of society:

Keep Your Eyes Open! Oversized sunglass, a la Jackie O, but with less class indicate star power. The bigger the sunglasses, the bigger the ego – ergo, the bigger the celebrity.

Star Bytes. Phrases like “the stupid paparazzi are following me,” “I’m going to have the driver pick me up in the back,” or “$357 for jeans? That is a bargain!” suggests heavy celebrity innuendo. Perhaps the biggest tell tale sign is “if anyone asks for an autograph, I swear I will scream!”

Hair Apparent. For some odd reason, stars seem to think that putting on a wig or wearing a baseball cap low on the brow magically makes them incognito. Something like the Clark Kent/Superman look, where the only distinguishing factor is one item, but nevertheless, neither the hat nor the wig can disguise them. We know who you are!!

Little Things. Other than their sunglass, stars like little things. The female celebrity favors little tanks, little tees, and little skirts. Not to mention the little DOG – very popular. You see a Chihuahua in a tee, you got a celebrity in your realm! The male celebrity favors little women, with big…well, if his date looks manicured by a plastic surgeon, chances are, you got a star!

Glare Of The Stare. Last but not least, if a bunch of people are staring in a general direction, and it happens to be a person they are all looking at, chances are, you have a star shining brightly on the masses. Especially if that person is nice to look at, and one of the previously mentioned factors going for them. If it isnt a star, chances are that person has something in their teeth or toliet paper stuck to their shoes. Good luck!!

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