Penis Enlargement, the Long and Short of It

At least as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, men have endeavored to enlarge their penises. Today is no different; a search on Google yielded a whopping 30 pages on penis enlargement and the last page was as relevant as the first.

Why do men want penis enlargement? The average size of the flacid penis is 3.4 inches and, when erect, it averages 5.6 to 6 inches depending on which study you read. Most men fall into these parameters but anxiety about size is widespread. Over and over women protest that size doesn’t matter. Taking your time and being in tune with her needs does matter. Men don’t seem to believe all this and continue to confuse big size with great sexual performance. They compare themselves with the well endowed porn stars they see and feel they fall far short. The less secure the man is in other areas of his life, the more concerned he is about penis size. And there is a vast industry preying on these insecurities.

How is penis size enlarged? There are claims for the efficacy of the following: Pills and patches, exercise, pumps, weights, extenders, and surgery.

There are a vast number of pills and patches offered. Although they don’t seem to have any health risks, they also don’t have any money back guarantees and they are extensive. Most use herbs and are claimed to be natural. They cost $155 to $188 for pills for the recommended three months and $147 to $155 for the patch. If you must try these, the patch is slightly cheaper.

Some exercise is little more than watching porn movies which are ordered form the exercise page. Other exercises are only to be found in mysterious books that must be ordered and paid for. One exercises won’t extend penis size but it will increase lasting time and orgasm intensity. This is the exercise of the PC muscle. You can find this muscle by urinating and then stopping the flow. The muscle used to stop the flow is the PC muscle. After some practice, you will be able to contract this muscle while not urinating and a few reps a day will pay dividends

Pumps are used to get an erection and, with a ring around the base of the penis, to maintain it. They are also claimed to enlarge the penis. A cylinder is placed around the penis and air is pumped out using a rubber bulb. The resulting vacuum draws blood into the penis. It is claimed that, if used frequently, this process will enlarge the penis.

The men of a couple of tribes in Peru sport penis up to a whopping 18 inches long. They seem to have found the secret to penis enlargement and indeed they have; unfortunately they have also rendered their penises non functional. Their secret is that they have hung weights from their penises for many years. You can buy weights of various design and weight and then hang them from your penis. These do work but they are very painful and you will end up with a skinny penis which may be misshapen and useless.

Extenders are touted as an improvement on weights. They look like a torture machine made of metal and plastic and they are expensive, around $300. You place your penis into this contraption and the extender produces traction all along the length of the penis. Like weights, these do work but, again, you will end up with a longer but skinnier penis.

There are several types of surgery: cutting supportive ligaments, transplanting fat cells, dermal transfer, implants, and injections. It should be noted that urologists strongly condemn the practice of the first three types.

The most common surgery involves cutting the suspensory ligaments that support the penis. Part of the penile shaft then drops forward and extends out, creating the illusion of a larger penis. Post surgery stretching must be done to prevent the healing process from creating a shorter penis than the one the patient started with. Gains are lost without continuous stretching. since the penis is no longer anchored, it “floats” during intercourse. The cost for this procedure is from $4000 to $11000.

another operation is used to bulk up girth from one to three inches. Fat cells are transplanted from the abdomen to the penis. However, the penis feels soft and spongy even when erect. The fat cells can be reabsorbed, leaving a lumpy, disfigured penis.
A correction to the above is the dermal transfer. Strips of skin and fat are transplanted together and the skin prevents the fat from being re-absorbed. This surgery is more complex and the risk of disfigurement is greater.

Implants are sometimes mentioned as a way to enlarge the penis but they really are done to improve erectile quality. They are of two types: the first is the insertion of rods which may be rigid, semi rigid, or malleable. The second type is the implantations of the inflatable prosthesis which is pumped up by hand.

Penile injections are used to enhance erectile quality and are sometimes confused with methods to increase penis size. Most men shrivel up at the thought of a shot going right into their penis bu these injections do work for erections.

The last two procedures, implantations and injection, are approved and performed by urologists.

As can be seen, there is no effective, safe way of enlarging the penis. What needs enlarging is self confidence and self esteem. If you are really concerned about penis size, seeing a therapist who specializes in men’s issues could be the best thing you ever did.

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