Perfect Prom Dress Accessories

So you have found the perfect prom dress. Now you just need shoes, jewelry, hair piecesâÂ?¦ Don’t Despair. This article is here to help. We will discuss tips on how to choose the perfect prom dress accessories. As with any makeover- we will start at your head and work our way down based on the look you are trying to create. There will be hairstyle, jewelry and shoe tips for “The Prom Queen”, “The Disco Diva”, “The Rebel” or “The Southern Belle”.

The Prom Queen

This is a dress that is sophisticated without being over the top. The dress is minimal in embellishments and simple in cut. Anything from “the little black dress” to the strapless soft pink one falls under this category. In this case, you can either continue with the uncomplicated look by having your hair done in a standard “up-do” with all the ties and pins hidden or add some sparkle with a tiara. The best jewelry for this look is simple diamond or diamond-like earrings and necklace set for darker or bolder colored dresses and matching pearls for the softer colored fabrics. Shoes should match the dress to a tee for a flawless finish.

The Disco Diva

I’m not talking just seventies style here, though I am sure there are some of you out there that still appreciate it. Any girl wearing a dress of sequins or sparkles falls into this category. Since the dress is so overpowering, your hair does not need any hairpieces, tiaras, barrettes, etc. Instead, to add some sparkle, finish off a soft and loose hairstyle with spray that contains glitter. Your jewelry should be minimal but also sparkle. If you can, try to find a gem that is around a shade lighter of the same shade as the color of your dress. If not, diamonds or “diamond-likes” are always a good standby. For a head to toe glamour look, finish it off with a pair of shoes, with Yup! – You guessed it! – sparkles! This may seem like a little much but if you just wore solid colored shoes, it would break the flow of your entire ensemble.

The Rebel

You do not have to wear black to represent rebel dress. Fishnet or leather trim in any color goes here. If you have shorter hair, spike it. If you have longer hair, leave it long and messy. Chokers and simple hoop earrings in your choice of gold or silver look great with this type of dress. It’s all about looking like you don’t feel the need to try hard. Throw on some thigh-high stilettos if your dress is longer or pair girly leather ankle boots with a shorter skirt to finish off this tough yet still feminine look.

The Southern Belle

Just what the name implies, your dress has ruffles and chiffon galore. Also known as the “standard prom dress”, it has fast become anything but typical. You, of course, need long cascading curls or a sweet ribbon worn like a tiara, if you have shorter hair. You’re jewelry should also be dainty such as tinted pearls reflecting the color of your dress and a pair of ultra feminine pumps add to the sugar and spice sweetness.

When choosing the perfect finishing touches, remember that fashion and beauty is all about you feeling good in your own skin. Even though there are plenty of “experts” that will tell you different, there are no hard fast rules. If there were, they wouldn’t keep changing them every year, now would they? A fashion “don’t” this year eventually becomes a fashion “do” at some point in the future. So take these tips for what they’re worth. A polished look may not be you, mix and match to your hearts content. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the only “beholder” that matters is the person gazing back at you through the looking glass.

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