Personal Poem: I Think About You

I’ve never been good at writing poems but I’ve always felt better after letting my feelings out through writing one. Sometimes, I feel I cannot express myself to my friends, so I choose to write. Trust me, it helps. The poem you are about to read is surely not high-class, and I’m sure that for some of you, it will be seen as one that needs a lot of work but what I believe is that a poem is written from the heart. And this one was purely inspired by my heart.. It is for someone I lost, and whom I never got to say goodbye.

I think about you.
And everytime I think about you, I cry.
I cannot smile.
It is too hard.
Only tears flow down my eyes.
Because I miss you.

I want you by me.
To see you one more time to tell you how much I love you.
I wanted to write you a letter.
A letter of goodbye full of love.
To thank you.
But I did not know you were going to leave us so soon.

You, who were someone so extraordinary. So unique.
I admired you.
And I admire you still.
You were the first to give me hope.
The first to tell me that I had talent.
You were the one who opened the door to my dream.

Sadly, the door has closed.
I did not want to close it but I was left with no choice.
I, who wanted to make you proud..
I just wanted to show you that I could do it.
But I have no more strength.
I gave up and look how I am now.

Why did you let grief take over your life?
Everything is our fault.
We should have never left you there.
You could have lived for longer.
But because of us, you chose to depart.
And to never return.

How I wish I was able to tell you those three words.
Know that those tears are for you.
Tears that say:
I miss you so.

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