Personal Voice Vs. Mother’s Voice

In my day to day life, my biggest struggle is trying to accept if being a mom is fulfilling enough

for me. Have I accomplished all that I’ve set out to do with my life? I see and listen to other

mothers rave about the fulfillment they get from being MOMS. But my mind races with are they

being truthful with themselves? I need more in my life, to my life than just being a MOTHER�

I love my children dearly but I struggle with do I stop dreaming of the dreams I have for myself

outside of being a mom? Do I not pursue jumping out of an airplane because the day and time I

want to do it, is also the day and time my son has T-Ball lessons? It is a struggle with trying to

balance your life and improve you, but it is even harder with balancing 4 other lives and

encouraging them to improve them.

Approaching 40 is an opening of the eyes. You reflect on your life between the ages of “18-39âÂ?³

and say what have I accomplished?�What imprint am I leaving behind?�Is my empire worth

leaving to my children?âÂ?¦Will they even want my empire if it’s not productive enough for them

to continue it?âÂ?¦I’ve laid down my dreams for far to long so now I’ve embarked on a new

journey in my life and that is improving “her” while she improves “them”–Motherhood is the

greatest joy but my PERSONAL VOICE shouldn’t end simply because I have a New Voice

titled MOTHER!

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