Personalize Your MySpace Page the Easy Way

MySpace is the hottest new website since Napster. Practically everyone is a member over at MySpace, whether using it for networking purposes, meeting a potential date, reconnecting with old friends, or simply staying in contact with friends. The allure of MySpace is creating your own web page that can be personalized completely to suit your tastes and showcase to the entire online community who you are.

The generic MySpace page is simple, white with black lettering. BORING. The only people who leave their page this way are people who are trying to make the statement that they are only there because someone told them to do it and they don’t really care about MySpace at all, or people who are clueless as to how to make a custom page. The good news is that MySpace is very easy to personalize and you don’t need to know html. All you need is the ability to cut and paste.

When personalizing your MySpace page, begin by filling out your profile, including the About Me, Who I’d Like to Meet, and Interests sections. You can also upload some photos to your profile. Choose one photo to be your default, displayed picture, and the rest will appear under the pictures section of your profile.

With the basics covered, it is time to find a layout. Premade layouts are everywhere. A great site to find a layout is They have a large selection and the site is easy to navigate. You can find other sites by doing a search for “free MySpace layouts.” This will bring up hundreds of results of potential sites. When you find a layout you like, simply copy the code from the site. Head on over to your MySpace and add the code to the beginning of your “About Me” section.

There are several other options for personalizing your MySpace page. There is the “Extended Network Banner” which is the section right about your blog space. Generally, it will say “so and so is in your extended network.” There is no way to type your own message in here, however it is possible to find a banner to add to the space. Another search is required. This time search for “free extended network banner.” Once you find one you like, copy the code, return to your profile and paste the code below your layout code. Make sure to leave a blank line between the codes so if you choose to change something then you don’t lose everything. Adding an extended network banner is a great place to personalize your MySpace page.

Another great way to personalize your MySpace page is to add a special contact box. The contact box is exactly what it says, the box beneath your picture where someone can send you a message or add you as a friend. Premade layouts usually come with a matching contact box, but some people like to add on a different contact box to break things up. Copy and Paste time again. This time search for “free MySpace contact box.” When you find one you want, copy and paste into the About Me section below your other two codes, again leaving a space between the codes. The personalized contact box adds a lot of style to your MySpace page.

The next addition is a small but effective addition to your MySpace page. This is the “online now” icon. The default icon is a person that blinks when you are online. This can be changed to any number of personalized online now icons. Time to search again. This time, search for “free MySpace online now icon.” Same procedure, copy and paste into the “About Me” section and leaving space still between the codes. This small addition is an easy way to personalize your MySpace page.

Those are the basics for personalizing your MySpace page. There are several ways to make your MySpace even more personal by adding such items as avatars, blinkies, and graphics. These items can all be found by doing a simple search. Unlike the previous codes that you have copied and pasted, these codes need to be placed under the section you want them to appear. This also includes where you want them placed in the section. This is how the MySpace page becomes more personal. By showcasing graphics, avatars, blinkies and such, people can really tell your likes and who you are as a person by what you choose to display. This is the most effective way to personalize your MySpace page.

The best way to personalize your MySpace page is to add pictures within the page. This can be done in several ways. Photo sites such as allow you to maintain a free page of photos. Sites like these will allow you to upload a photo and generate an html code for the photo. You can copy and paste that code into any section of your MySpace page. Another Photobucket feature is the slideshow feature, where you can put several pictures into a slideshow and generate a code. There are other sites such as that create even more custom slideshows. Simply generate the codes and copy and paste. By adding these pictures, your MySpace page is truly personalized.

The easiest way to personalize your MySpace page is to add music. MySpace has its very own section right along the top row of links, entitled “music.” Simply search for a musician you like and a list will generate. Once you find the song you are looking for, all you need to do is click the “add” button and the song will automatically be added to your MySpace page.

Many people find the task of personalizing a MySpace page too daunting. It is really quite easy once you find a few sites you can pull codes from and paste onto your personal page. A MySpace page can be personalized in no time and it displays who you are, or who you want people to think you are. Have fun with it. MySpace is a great site to showcase your individuality.

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