Perspiration, Sweat, and Hyperhidrosis: Don’t Let It Embarrass You

As many know sweating is something that is part of human life. But many people are embarrassed by just the slight onset of perspiration. But there are many ways that you can prevent perspiration embarrassment. According to an American Medical Association committee, “There are many deodorants and antiperspirants on the market.” You may actually be perspiring all the time and not even notice it. Every person gives off about a quart of moisture every day. When we are working hard or if we are excited or even nervous our bodies produce what is known as sensible sweat. What this mean is that this type of sweat is very apparent to our senses. Your body actually has two kinds of sweat glands. The smaller one are called eccrine glands. These are the ones that actually account for most of your perspiration.

It may also be a good idea to keep in mind that the normal functioning of ones underarm sweat glands is exaggerated by nervous tension. Here are a few ideas on how to keep from being embarrassed. First you need to make sure, that you have plenty of antiperspirants on your body, mostly under the arms. If you sweat on other parts of your body, then it may be a good idea to dry and use baby powder to keep the rest of your body dry. Also be aware of what material your clothing is made out of. The best material to wear on a hot day is cotton.

Your clothes should be able to breath. This will definitely help you to keep your sweat down, and you do not have to worry about those obvious sweat stains on your clothes. Another suggestion is to try and keep yourself hydrated. Remember your body losses a large amount of water on a daily basis, so if you make sure to replenish that water supply you have a better chance of not perspiring. You could also try doing some research on the topic. Just go to your search engine and type in perspiration. Then try some of the suggestions that you find.

There are also people who have a condition known as “Hyperhidrosis” that causes them to sweat profusely. There is primary Hyperhidrosis, and secondary. According to the hyperhidrosis website, Secondary hyperhindrosis is usually caused by another condition that is more serious. For more detailed information and treatment options you can visit their website at One medical term for profuse sweating is known as Diaphoresis. I am sure that many people have never heard this term before, but you will if you discuss this problem with your doctor. If some of the options that are mentioned above do not work for you, then your doctor may be able to recommend additional options, that will keep you from being embarrassed by your perspiration.

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