Pet Steps: Indoor Stairs You Can Build Yourself

Small or ailing dogs have a heck of a time getting up on the couch, bed, or chair, but no more. It’s easy to make him a set of steps to climb, taking him right to his favorite resting spot. And there’ll be no more clawing and pawing at the side of the bed, trying to get up, because now he can get there all by himself.

Although there are several ways to make the steps, the safest set of steps, for you and your dog, is made from foam. You’ll find the foam at an upholstery supply store, upholstery shop, or at some home improvement places. You’ll need three pieces, one cut to a measurement of 4″H x 14″D x 12″W. The second piece needs to be 4″H x 11″D x 12″W, and the third piece 4″H x 8″D x 12″W.

Foam comes in various densities and types. Choose a dense foam that won’t sink in when your dog steps up on it. Avoid foam that has a netting or thin cover over it. You can also purchase a block of foam, then cut the measurements, but it’s much easier to make from the three separate foam pieces.

Purchase a can of spray-on adhesive, found at most stores that carry the foam. Place the longest piece of foam flat on the floor. Spray the adhesive on the bottom of the 2nd largest piece of foam, then align the smaller piece on top of the large piece. Make sure that the two pieces are aligned at the far end so that the front end forms a step. Spray the adhesive onto the bottom of the smallest piece of foam then align it on top of the middle piece, making sure the farthest end aligns with the other two to form a straight side of foam, while the front forms three steps.

You can make a washable cover for the steps by choosing a very stretchy fabric that’s easy to sew. Cut a piece of fabric to the length and height of all the steps combined, then cut 2 pieces in the shape of the side of the foam steps. This can be done by laying the steps on their side and drawing around them, onto the fabric. Cut one more piece that is the size of the bottom of the steps. Cut the center out of the bottom fabric so it will look somewhat like a picture frame, with fabric going around the perimeter of the bottom, but no fabric in the center.

Stitch the side pieces to the top step piece, then attach the bottom. Sew sixteenth-inch elastic around the opening on the underside. This will allow you to stretch the fabric on and off of the steps.

Another quick and easy step method, although not quite as safe for people, is made from concrete blocks. Place the blocks out of the way as much as possible, like by a wall. Start by placing two blocks, end to end, at the end of a bed or other area. Place two more in front of those, and two more in front of those. Now stack two more blocks, end to end, on top of the original two. Place two more in front of them but eliminate the third row. Continue the pattern until the steps are as tall as need be, eliminating one row each time you go up another tier.

These quick steps will help your cat or dog climb to his favorite spot without any trouble, saving your linens, upholstery, and furniture. He’ll appreciate you for it and you’ll appreciate not having to lift him all the time.

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