Petrojeans: Up and Coming Denim

Petrojeans, a new denim company that just submitted a small sample of its jeans to select boutiques in spring 2005, is going to release a whole new variety of jeans in the fall.

Its fall collection, which puts to use intricately-designed material from Japan and Italy, will have a range of denim weights and washes. The textiles will vary from eight-ounce denim, which feels like linen, all the way to a hardy 13-ounce denim that puts up well with treatments. Colors will come in an array of light blue to dark blue.

In addition, a contour waistband was developed over a period of eight months to prevent the gap in the back that other jeans often have. It will also strive to flatter many different body types.

William Chu, President of Petrojeans and Lawman Sportswear, began the new line partly to compete with the designer jeans industry and to offer a more affordable but aesthetically-comparable pair of jeans. Petrojeans pricepoints will begin at $85, while designer jeans usually cost over $200.

A family-owned business, Lawman Sportswear began in the late 1970s. Before now, it has concentrated on junior jeans and specialty western-style denim. With Petrojeans, it will be bringing 30 years of experience into the mainstream market.

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