Pets Need Presents, Too!

Animals may not have a clue when their birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day is, but our furry friends give us unconditional love, lots of joy and copious kisses. What better way to repay them than with a cool present? Buying gifts for *some* people can be boring and expensive, but buying presents for pets is always fun. Pets never ever return your present, and they always act excited even if the gift is something simple like a chew toy or catnip grass. Best of all, presents for our four-legged friends don’t have to break your piggy bank.

Where to shop for Fido and Fluffy

You can fight the crowds at your local pet supply store if you’re the courageous type. Or you can recline in your comfy chair and find the perfect present online, letting your fingers do the shopping while you enjoy a soda and snack (just not near the keyboard, please!).

Either way, I’ve compiled a handy pet gift list for you to refer to while you browse. Whether you need to fetch a present for your best barker, a pampered feline or an animal-loving (human) friend, I’m sure there will be something on this list they’ll love.

Gifts that are the cats meow

�· Furry mice are always a feline favorite. Cats never have enough of these (trust me on that), so buy them a multi-pack or two.
�· Multi-colored ping-pong balls are probably the cheapest (and most entertaining toy) you can buy. Catnip-filled soft toys are also loved by every kitty. Other inexpensive toys include feathers or streamers on a stick, or accordion-style figures that stretch and dance when the cat plays with them.
�· Cat condos offer kitty a comfy place to climb, stretch and snooze away the day.
�· Scratching posts keep indoor cats from sharpening their claws on the furniture or rug.
�· Freeze-dried fish treats are a natural, healthy snack that cats really go for.

Gifts dogs will slobber over

Ã?· Rawhide: you’d be hard-pressed to find a dog who doesn’t chew (and love) rawhide snacks. In addition to the standard rawhide fare of sticks, bones and knots, you can buy rawhide tacos, hot dogs, donuts, braided ropes and chicken legs, as well as seasonal shapes.
�· Toys: rope tugs, plush toys, floating rings, squeaky donuts, hamburgers, ice cream cones, duckies and doggie newspapers are all canine favorites. A doggie newspaper might convince Fifi to leave yours alone (but no guarantees!).
Ã?· Sweaters: Short-haired dogs can get chilly going outdoors in winter, so get them a sweater in a style to match their personality. If you think dogs look silly in sweaters, buy the style that’s designed to look like a horse blanket-it’s fashionable AND utilitarian.
Ã?· Heated water dish: if you live in a cold climate, this is a must for keeping the dog’s outside water supply from freezing over.
�· Portable water bottles are a hassle-free way to tote clean water for Fido, and are perfect for travel, parks and hikes. Look for the lightweight bottle/water pan that clips to your belt.

Great gifts for both felines and canines

Ã?· Plush pet beds: available in a range of sizes, for cats and “purse dogs” on up to large breeds. One of the most comfortable is made of foam with a soft fleece cover.
Ã?· Heated pads: old, arthritic cats and dogs love sleeping on these; but come to think of it, doesn’t every pet deserve to have a nice warm place to curl up on?

Presents for horses, birds and fish

We must not forget our hoofed, finned and feathered friends! They might not be as much fun to buy a gift for, but they deserve presents just the same!
Ã?· Horses can always use new blankets, bridles and brushes. Throw in some carrots and you’ll make a friend for life.
�· Birds love seed-covered treats, and there are a lot to pick from; some even come in fun seasonal shapes. Birdbaths, seed mixes and feeders are nice for wild birds, while a new cage, water dispensers and food treats will make an indoor bird sing.
�· Fish gifts include fancy glass bowls, aquariums, faux-foliage, decorative rocks and mini-structures for the aquarium, and gourmet fish food.

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