Photo Systems Compared Digital Vs. Composite

Having the proper equipment for your photo ID Card is a must, and there are a couple of options for the business that is looking for a photo ID system. Composite photo systems have been used traditionally in the production of ID Card photos, and were for many years the standard system for photos on ID Cards.

This has slowly changed, and while composite photo systems are still used, digital photo systems are becoming more mainstream in the production of photos for ID Cards.

The cost of setting up your own photo ID system has dropped over the years and now even small businesses with a few employees can afford a photo ID system. Now which system is right for you?

Here is a short breakdown of a composite and photo ID system to help you decide which will work best for your needs:

Basics of a Composite Photo ID Card System

The traditional system for taking ID Card photos, composite photo systems are still in wide use today. Cameras for the composite system are available in six, four, and two lens models. This system uses a Polaroid or other quick developing film camera (about a minute or less) to take the photo.

You then attach�© the photo to your ID card and laminate it. Composite photo systems are used by schools, governments, and businesses, especially for things like visa and passports. They are quick and easy, ideal for a small or large business.

Basics of a Digital Photo ID Card System

Digital Photo ID Card Systems are widely used, and are gathering momentum. They are used by everyone from schools and small businesses to universities and large corporations. The digital method is fast becoming de rigueur for many industries, and as they become less and less expensive, will potentially replace composite photo systems.

A digital photo system is ideal for the production of ID Card Photos. While it is still more expensive than a composite photo system, it is in high demand because it is quick and easy and easily produces high quality photos.

They come with software that usually gives you an ID Card template. Using this template, you can easily take the picture and print the ID Card in mere minutes. Also, you have the option of printing one or many cards, depending on what you need. You can also replace ID Cards simply and easily as they are stored and can be saved onto a computer.

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