Photoshop Tutorial: How to Edit Blemishes and Unwanted Marks in Your Photos

Intro: In this easy step-by-step guide you’ll learn how to edit blemishes and unwanted marks in your photos using Photoshop. This is the same method many professional photo editors use. You’ll also learn the basics of the Patch tool, one very important tool that will help advance your Photoshop editing skills.

Step One: Choose your photo you want to edit in Photoshop and open it on a canvas.
Choose your photo you want to edit in Photoshop and open it on a canvas.

Step Two: Find the Patch tool on the verticle menu bar. It is located on the left column and on the fourth row down. If the symbol is a band-aid, you have the Healing brush too selected. For this part, we want to use the Patch tool. Hold this down and a seperate menu will pop up with the Healing tool and the Patch tool. Select the Patch tool.

Step Three: Find the blemishes on the photo that you need to edit. These blemishes can be scars, acne, or just unwanted marks anywhere in the photo.

Step Four: Take the Patch tool and hold down the mouse while you circle the blemish that you want removed. Let go of the mouse when it is circled, and the blemish will be selected.

Step Five: Drag the selected blemish to a nearby area on the canvas. It is best to select an area that has the same basic color tone of the select part without the blemish on it. The nearby area should also have no blemishes on it either.

Step Six: After you have dragged it to the nearby area, unclick the mouse. This will blend the area properly without the blemish being there. This does not have to be on the skin, but on any part of any photo.

Hints: Use the blur tool in Photoshop to go over an extremely pixelated areas. You can also blur small blemishes.

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